I received 2 email verifications from Best Buy about my order. I didn't open the email up because I thought it was just a Spam email.

The next thing is I get an email that my shipments are on the way. I clicked on the order details and it was going to an address that I never heard of and also the last 4 digits of a Visa. I log into my account on a separate Web page and there were no orders listed. I went in as a guest and put the order numbers in and it showed that one shipment was on the way and one was delivered.

Best Buy didn't do nothing about it.. The same day I got another notification t that I made another order so I went in as a guest put the order number and canceled it. I asked Bestbuy what bank the Visa used was on so I could call that bank and see if it was my Visa but they couldn't give me that information unless I knew all the numbers other than the last 4 digits.I see nothing wrong with giving a bank name.

Not asking for all the numbers. There's a lot of consumer fraud going on but I wish that BestBuy could do something more to reassure the VICTIM of fraud more about the situation.

User's recommendation: Be Careful.

Location: Macomb, Michigan

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