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I have purchased a great many things from Best Buy over the years and have been a loyal rewards member. This will be the last cent that Best Buy ever gets from me.

I bought this Samsung - 49" Class - LED - NU8000 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR at the Best Buy on SW 3rd Street in OKC. I actually loved the TV and would have likely given it 5 stars. After watching it for 3 weeks it died. It wouldn't even boot up.

I attempted to exchange it for one that works at the store and they told me I was 6 days past their 15-day return policy. I asked for a manager and asked him to make an exception. He refused to consider it and told me to take it up with Samsung. It is now a month and a half later.

I have had two service calls from Samsung. Each time I have to take off a half day from work and wait in the "window" of repair time. Each time they have diagnosed the issue incorrectly. There is always about 2 weeks between repair calls.

Today they came out and replaced nearly the entire TV and guess what, they still misdiagnosed it. Now they say it's the motherboard. So now I wait on a third call probably two weeks from now. It's now a month and a half after the TV went out and we have now had this TV sitting in the corner not working twice the length of time we had it working.

I have had to take two half days off work with another 1/2 day absence coming when they decide to come out again. In the meantime I'm watching TV on my iPad in that room. I asked Samsung to replace the TV and they refused. I called back to the manager at Best Buy and recounted this ordeal and his response was "you should have bought the extended warranty".

I said "really, 6 days past your return policy of 15 days and after not having a TV for 6 weeks while we've made two payments on a non-working TV and that's your response"?

That's all I needed to know about this business. When strict intolerant adherence to a "policy" is more important than taking care of a customer who is having a horrific experience that began 21 days after buying a $799 TV, then I know this company does not have the customer service attitude worthy of any further business from me......or from anyone else in my opinion!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $799.

Preferred solution: Exchange the TV for one that works.

Best Buy Pros: Product selection.

Best Buy Cons: Intolerant and inflexible policies and uncaring staff.

  • Best Buy Customer Service Nightmar
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