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I received an email that someone opened an account under my email address. It was not me. After much investigation, and several phone calls to customer service with people who don't speak or understand English very well, and several emails to a supposed "privacy manager" link on their website, this resulted in several emails with poor English and it was obviously computer generated that it would take 3 to 4 weeks to close the account and how sorry they were that I decided to close the account and they hope to do business with me again someday.

Fat chance. It's a fraudulent account, why can't it be closed immediately??? I logged in to the BestBuy site with the email address, changed the password easily without any safety questions. I assume anyone else could do the same. My only option was to change the email address to a fake address unknown to anyone. I go into the account further to find a former address, phone number in there - which I also changed to fake information.

Calls to Citibank who issues BestBuy credit cards was useless - they cant lock my name or information. Credit bureaus are just as worthless, nothing they can do either. Apparently can't verify my information online to put any kind of fraud alert or security lock on my name. But they could get a credit report on me. Makes no sense.

BestBuy consumer forum is useless as well... mostly consumers offering advice, very few legitimate BestBuy reps on there who could do anything. No help there, either.

What a nightmare. Over 4 hours wasted on the phone and internet going around in circles for nothing.

I did get my credit report free, so I guess the next step is to call them and see if I can give them any other information enough to verify my identity and hope to H that satisifed them enough that they will put an alert on my account for anything suspicious.

BestBuy = nightmare whether you do business with them or not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Delete the email account IMMEDIATELY..

Best Buy Cons: Poor overseas customer dis service.

  • Customer Service Nightmare
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Today is January 24,2019 and the account is still open online. I had to call, I guess, rewards department customer service, and they will send yet ANOTHER email to someone in a "back office" to get them to close the account.

This SHOULD be done in 3 to 5 days... We'll see.


Why don't you just cancel the credit card? Seems simple enough.

Angry N

Because there is no card to cancel. I've checked everything. I want the account itself cancelled - that seems simple enough - unless you're dealing with overseas *** in a third-world country who can't understand English.

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