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Purchased a LED TV September 28, 2013. Best Buy apparently has a two week return policy. October 4, 2013 departed on a European trip for 17 days. Upon our return, scheduled to have the TV mounted on a bracket and the TV screen was cracked in the box. The box had no visible damage. Went to return the TV and was told of return policy. Explained that we were out of country, didn't matter. Was offered a discount on a different TV. Asked for a receipt to leave the TV there, NO!. Asked for another manager, NO HELP. Left the TV and went across the street and bought a new one at HH Gregg. Filed complaint with credit card company and, after three attempts, lost the argument because we did not have receipt for the return (see above). Never again, Best Buy!
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Love HH greg they seems to be getting all the residual from Worst buy


Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Radio Shack all have the same 15 day return policy on electronics. Be sure to boycott all those other stores too.


I worked for another electronics/ appliances retailer for several years, and I will tell you, there is no way in *** we would not have taken it back either. Anytime you make a major electronics purchase, it's your responsibility to inspect it, either before you leave the store with it, or as soon as you get it home with it.

You had almost a week before your trip to take a quick glance at it just to make sure there wasn't any physical damage done to the unit. You didn't even have to plug it in, because the manufacture's warranty covers non-physical damage for a year. Why on earth would anyone take back a cracked TV nearly a month after it was purchased, especially if there's a 2 week return policy. How on earth would they know that you didn't do something, that caused the physical damage, within that time period?

And why would you leave the TV there, if they refused to return your funds??

That's not their fault, it's your own for not taking two seconds to check it out when you purchased it (if the damage was even caused by the store, which I doubt, because like you said - there was no damage to the box. The unit's are not removed from the box at anytime before they're purchased, so if it was damaged upon delivery to the store, 9 out of 10 times, there would be damage to the box).

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