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December 22, 2016 I brought a 48” VISIO (Not SMART) TV. It purchased the 2 year warranty. Total Cost $360.38. I PAID CASH! Before I made the purchase, I asked the salesman specific questions on its refund or return policy. I was in conversation for at least 20 minutes...
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I bought a macmini and returned after 2 days, paid debit and SUPPOSSEDLY it was refunded to my account.. just hanged up with customer service rep which is so hard to sneak your way into talking to an actual person..

HE TOLD ME I SHOULD EXPECT MY MONEY 13 days after I returned the product!

13 DAYS its such a low thing to do to your own customers such disrespect to the people that actually give their hard earned money in THE SAME DAY product is bought.. hadnt been in best buy in years because of their over priced items..



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Best Buy Customer Care
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
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BAD Service , Bad Television , Bad Geek Squad | Best Buy review from Ocala, Florida

On 12/11/15 i purchased a new 40 " Insignia that is their brand to sell.$299 . It worked 18 days before the sound went out. They now have a 15 day return policy. It was sent off for repairs 3 weeks. I have no TV. I went to Walmart, they have a 90 day return any reason get a new one, money back, or different make. BUY AT WALMART... On 6/14/15 I bought OFFICE for my home biz to load onto my laptop. It was not opened or loaded .They would not refund me for an UNOPENED "Office 10 " product for my laptop $199. BUY AT WALMART...Now they have everyone make an appointment befoe they can be helped with anything. I WILL NOT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN . ITs a shame a once good company has gone down with service and help.BUY WALMART>>
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Reason of review
Everything is wrong with your service and product.I will pass the word and buy from WALMART.
Preferred solution
Full refund

Poor customer service and online ordering. | Best Buy review from Ocala, Florida

Purchased a product online that is only sold online and was sent the wrong item. I had to go to the store to exchange it as I was told by the CSR over the phone. When I got there Brandon, the CSR saw me standing in line and went to the back after waiting on the customer in front of me. He was back there almost ten minutes. By the time he re emerged there were four people behind me in line. He comes out, walks to the register and asks if anyone has any returns/exchanges. Instead of asking me if he can assist me, since I was the next person in line. He was very rude and unprofessional. I ended up making a blank trip because he refused to exchange the purchase and told me I have to send return the item myself. I am not sure if he even knew what I was talking about. He glanced over my order receipt and threw down on the counter. I advised him that I was told to bring the item to the store and have them ship it back. He still refused. I called back to the 888 # once I got home only to be told by another rep that she would resend the correct order with a return label. I called back to the store to speak with a manager who was too busy with another customer to get on the phone. No one at Best is on the same page. I will not do business with them again.
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NO CONTROLLING THE MESSAGE HERE. BEST BUY FACEBOOK WILL JUST delete all your comments they are controlling the message


Thanks, suxs for the information.


Your story is typical of Best Buy's lack of customer service. There are other online shopping companies that are more reliable AND customer friendly.

There is no point complaining to Best Buy's corporate office as they are well aware of the customer service problem and do not really care.

The Dec 2012 issue of

CONSUMER REPORT rated retailers on page 25. Best Buy was at the bottom.


Thank you JohnT for the information.

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Best Buy Manager
I noticed on my notice of shipping that "Signature Required" After telephone *** with UPS and BB at corporate and local store I must cancel out a day full of activities (golf, movie, dinner) to STAY HOME or make a 30 mile round trip to UPS facility to pick up. BB...
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*** Best Buy Shipping...a**holes.

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Mobile phone purchase at Best Buy, NOT!

Bought a new torch at Best Buy in Ocala, Fl. back to the office no data , no e-mail, left work early got to store 4:30 pm 1 working, 1 manager watching, mgr says one min, store fills up, no sign in sheet , chaos, finally serviced at 6:00 pm they cannot fix new phone, no offer to replace new phone , get my money back, now reinstate all data to old phone to make me whole, they cannot do, I leave store no new phone, no old phone, at 6:30 pm 2 hrs after arriving for 2nd time that day, go to att store this morning, now I am happy. Do Not buy a phone at best buy...
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Best Buy has a hidden 15% restock fee on refunds

I thought everyone should be warned about Best Buy. They presently have a 15% restock fee on any returned items, and the terms are on the back of your receipt. Who reads the back of a receipt!!!! And your refund is issued by Corporate which takes 7+days, but it doesn't take them 7 days to charge you or take your money. This is a rip off so everyone be forewarned and ask the return policy before purchasing anything. Walmart and Kmart refund no questions asked, and they don't charge restocking fees. Definitely BUYER BEWARE!!! Ask before purchasing!
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deborah b

i didn't know that i ordered an item off line and i was told that they would just give me my money back, i asked the represenitive would it be a charge or restocking fee and she said no so i will see. thanks


Tvs don't have a restocking fee. Only items that an employee most likely has to spend time deleting stuff off of (computers, cameras, etc.). Returned items are also sold at a lesser cost than unopened items.


A restocking fee is put in place to ensure Best Buy isn't treated like a free rental store. If you open an item, you must pay a restocking fee.

If not, you could purchase an item, use it for 10 days and get all of your money back. One day, ALL retail stores will have a restocking fee.

It isn't "best buy worshipping". It's common sense.


Obviously more best buy worshipers. Any restock fee has, and always will be total ****.

Just another way for stores to steal $$$ from customers. They should give up the name considering they are NOT always the best buy.

Most of the items they sell can be found elsewhere for much less. Same exact products.


Actually, the restocking fee isn't on everything. It's on computers, cameras and TVs.

And that's only on opened, non-defective things. So if you buy a camera, snap two pictures with it, then take it back, it's gonna cost you.


Don't you just hate people that can't read.


Who reads a back of a receipt? Smart consumers.

The same people who learn about a store's return policy BEFORE purchasing a high priced item.

Don't blame Best Buy for your ignorance.

It's on the back of your receipt and posted on a big sign by customer service. That policy is not hidden in any way.

This G

Trying to use Walmart and Kmart as your basis for argument is a moot point. Kmart filed bankruptcy in 2002, clearly they weren't doing things correctly.

Walmart can return anything they want because the cost doesn't hit them.

Bottom line, the policy is posted in multiple locations. It is not hidden, you are just an irresponsible consumer.


Not only was it on the receipt but it was also posted near the register when you paid. The policy is in your face when you pay and it's in your hand afterwards, what more would you like? A small sit down lecture where someone reads you what's already posted to inform you?

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