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Hello, For approximately over a month now, I have had nothing but issues with Best Buy. I called corporate and was told I would receive a callback...never did. Never have I been so dissatisfied with a company! I just had to cancel my entire order (which I did not want...
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Best Buy Customer Care
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Poor customer service
I purchased two phones through best buy on December 9, 2013. The promotion was to activate new lines with a carrier and a $100.00 gift card was to be issued via email for each line. Two weeks after activation of the phones the gift cards had not been issued because...
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where do these people get the name WORST BUY FROM. Maybe all the horror stories posted about this company and the lack of customer care.

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Best Buy Gift Card
I have spent thousands at Best Buy this year and in past years. This particular store although courteous on greeting, needs lessons in manners with their return counter. When I went this year to return a particular item, a cable box shelf for a flat screen, I was ...
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I see a repeated theme... "I've spent thousands...

...So, I deserve...". Doesn't matter. What does matter is the item your trying to return, and, the return policy at that time.

If spending thousands entitled us to special treatment, then we all have the right to have a private dinner at the White House with the president, or, politic figure of our choice!

Or, How about a private party with your favorite sports or entertainment figure!

People! Get off the entitlement boat!

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I hate GEEK SQUAD | Best Buy review from Jacksonville, Florida

I have spent the past week and a half running to best buy to find out when I will have a working laptop. After being ripped off for the diagnostic service, I learned I had to buy a new hard drive. My first trip to the Geek Squad counter was to purchase the hard drive. Four days later, I got a call asking me to come back into the store with a reinstall CD. (Why didn't they ask me to bring it the FIRST TWO times I was in the store??). After a fruitless search for the "must have" CD I went back for the 2nd return visit teling them I did not have a reinstall CD. The smart *** clerk informed me that my laptop wouldn't have a CD. They said they would install my operating system and it would be another three days. Four days later, I have a laptop that is now running very, very slow. When I went back AGAIN I was told to call the 800 number (Yes, I purchased the tech support program.) What other company can take your money and return soemthing to you that is "sorta" working!
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I work for a geek squad and I can assure you we are not all this way. All the ones here, including myself, all have some sort of degree, weather its MIS, Computer Science, or whatever but we all do.

I am not saying that all of the Geek Squad's are like us but I can promise we're not all like that one. Our turn time at our store to fix a HDD with discs provided(if they are not we will ask for them right away) is at most 2 days. If that, I fixed one today in 6 hours including the OS installation and updates with Antivirus installation. I don't want you to think that all geek squads are like this one, because they are not.

I've seen a lot of bad experiences with some geek squads and to me, it seems like yes some are the agent's not paying attention or being rude. However, when we get a client that is yelling at us for something THEY broke (like a screen) and its not covered under the Manufacturer warranty (not even our problem) that is no reason to be mad at us for something that we have absolutely no control over. We can only do what Dell, HP, Asus, Sony, etc.

tells us to do. Sometimes when you get mad, take a second to really realize what you're getting mad at and it our fault or are you being an *** for no reason?


You pay an over priced amt to have the Geek Squad come to your house so they can spend 10 rushed minutes w/you making you feel like you can't ask anything. Unfortunately, after two months we noticed one speaker on our surround sound wasn't working and wanted them back to complete the job they started.

An appt was scheduled but then cancelled by the Geek Squad agent, WITHOUT CONTACTING US TO LET US KNOW THEY WEREN'T COMING, due to the fact that they believe they should be paid again. So after waiting 3 hours I decided to call but got absolutely nowhere, nor did anyone bother to acknowledge that we rec'd no cancellation call.

The store manager JULIE was an absolute unprofessional nightmare!!!!! All they do is repeat the same thing over and over w/no customer service.


duh-Your name if very fitting. You don't have all of the facts.

First- I tried to abbreviate the story. They asked me to bring in the CD.

After I couldn't find the CD and asked them what could be done, the 17-year old flunkie behind the counter said "oops, sorry I guess you don't need a CD with your year laptop." Second-They have my money and I don't have a working computer 3-you state "pay him" -SEXIST The *** flunkie behind the counter was a pregnant 17 year. At least we know she can complete SOME JOB


They didn't ask you to bring the CD, because IT'S IN YOUR WRITTEN CONTRACT THAT YOU WILL PROVIDE IT.

And don't be mad that the 17 year old behind the counter knows more about your laptop than you do. Just pay him.

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Unfare return policy | Best Buy review from Jacksonville, Florida

We asked our gift givers to purchase our electronic gifts for us at Best Buy. In the past few years we have spent thousands of dollars there. One gift was past a thirty day return limit and Best Buys refuses to refund the purchase even though it is an item they still carry and the return item is still new and in the original box. I have a reciept but Best Buy says they will not consider refunds past 30 days. I have no use for this item and even though I have been purchased thousands of dollars of electonics at Best Buy in the past few years they are stiffing me with this useless gift.
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People who say theyve spent thousends are broke @sses that dont spend a dime.


its policy..!!! like satan said its a gift didnt cost you nothing not a huge deal. And Nikalsyen Bestbuy is not a rental company you dont go and buy something then return it a year later and expect for them to take it back with no issues .


Return it to your "gift giver", ***. If you received it as a gift you shouldn't be out any money. You aren't losing a thing.

John N

Stores like to do this nonsense now because they do not have to take back an item. Some stores even want to charge a "stocking fee" regardless of when you return it.

I buy alot of stuff for future use and it can be a year before I actually start using the thing. Thus, I try to find a store that will not give me a hassle if for some reason the item needs to be returned, eg., defective. I know many years ago KMart would refund your money on anything, for any length of time. But, that was years ago.

Now, even a good store like Meijer wants to hold you to the 30 days. No idea what WalMart does as I try not to shop there to begin with.

BestBuy lost most of my business a couple years ago due to poor customer service. I shop for electronics online now.

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Bestbuy employees pissed me off | Best Buy review from Jacksonville, Florida

i went to bestbuy store in orange park, florida, i touched digital cameras couple times and the *** alarms went off and an employee approached me and threatened if i do it 1 more time she will throw me out of store! my god! i could not believe my ears! So go buy on internet, don't bother with bestbuy, let them die! i repeat: i went to bestbuy store in orange park, florida, i touched digital cameras couple times and the *** alarms went off and an employee approached me and threatened if i do it 1 more time she will throw me out of store! my god! i could not believe my ears! So go buy on internet, don't bother with bestbuy, let them die!
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I agree with Tasha. What are you five years old?

Obviously your parents didn't teach you any common sense or manners.

After the first time you set off an alarm you should've (but obviously were not) smart enough to know not to set off the alarms again. I don't think Best Buy will miss having a childish customer like you.

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Best Buys online chat help personnel was far from helpful!

I spent 2 weeks looking at computers to decide which laptop I wanted to purchase. This morning I went online and finally decided on one at Best Buy; but first I wanted a couple of questions answered through there online chat. I had the unfortunate pleasure of speaking with "Dahnelle". They were incredibly rude and defensive through out the entire conversation. Every time I asked a question, I received an unsatisfactory response. I tried to explain we were talking about 2 difference things. Instead of listening to what I was asking the individual got mad, sent me the following message and hung up (disconnected from chat). "Dahnelle: If you know all the answers why are you asking us?" If it were not for the kind man who answered the phone when I called the 1800 number, best buy would have surely lost a $700 sale just because of one cranky employee.
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i need help a fue meinets ago i ordered a fue stuff and i go to orders and nothing pops out


exactly what Simon said.


i ordered my laptop last friday and they said 3-7 days it has been 8 days so how can i see when it will come? plz tell me



You were probably asking dumb questions like "Can I surf the internet on that computer thingy?"

What questions could you have that can't be answered by looking at the specs and having an IQ over 30?

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