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Refunds | Best Buy review from Miami, Florida

I purchased a laptop on the 20th of this month.  I returned it on the 25th.  I was told by the Fultondale, AL store that it my check for my refund was printed on the 26th and that it will take a week to get it from Minnesota. This is because for some reason purchases over $250 cannot be refunded in the stores. Not even up to $250 of the refund. Moving on, I spoke to the corporate office who said that my check wasn't printed until the 27th.  The corporate office also stated that it could be as late as Monday before it is even mailed but could not tell me how the check was going to be sent (standard, first class, etc.).  Even standard only takes up to 9 days in the US  however I was given April 14 as the last possible date to receive the check.  Best Buys obviously doesn't realize that that is three weeks from the time the laptop was returned?  So they have the laptop and my money and I'm sitting here with nothing for possibly three weeks.  Unacceptable. Apparently four hundred and some odd dollars is to much to refund in a store but not enough for you to put a little speed into returning it to it's rightful owner.  My future purchases will not be made at any best buys store, regardless of how low the price is.  I knew it was a mistake when I decided to purchase from you instead of compusa.  I have been a customer of there's for years and only purchased at Best Buys because I work near one of their stores.  That will not happen again.
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I can't believe what I just went through with Best Buy. I was told by an installer that because he couldn't install the dishwasher because it was the wrong size.

The dishwasher was never even brought into the house. And we subsequently had a dishwasher installed by someone else without problems. Anyway, the installer said that "these things happen" and that "he would take care of everything" including the credit.

I then received a phone call from Best Buy about the situation. They claimed that we refused the dishwasher.

We then received a call from the store (with no return number or extension). I called the number on the Caller ID 3 times and nobody answered even though I waited over 3 minutes each time. I finally selected the "Geek Squad" option and after several minutes was connected to the person who called me. She asked me why I was calling and after I explained she became very defensive and said the installer shouldn't have said he would take care of the refund.

She started yelling at me and I asked for the manager. She continued to yell at me and I said something inappropriate. I then tried to call back and finally reached the manager who said that I had to bring the receipt into the store for a refund. He said that Best Buy cannot take responsibility for what their installers say.

When I questioned this, he put the blame on me.

Mind you, my mother was in that same Best Buy store on the previous day and had she known that she needed to present her receipt for a refund, she would have done it at that time. Now she has to make another trip to the store!

Joey M

Typical Big Box Store!

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Never buy from best buy

lying liars! bought an expensive refrigerator and the 5 year extended warranty. refrig broke at around 5 years - surprise! when i called, they told me i was still under warranty, and they sent repair people to the house 2 times, sent a new computer board (which didn't fix the problem) plus i had 5 phone conversations with them. in the 5th phone conversation they told me that i was NOT under warranty. apparently, there's a grace period in which you can further extend the warranty. so during that grace period, they talked with me on the phone, sent the repair people and the computer board, but never told me that it was a grace period and i had to renew the warranty to have further service. waited till the grace period was over and then said "too bad". complained and argued with customer service people who were rude to say the least. will not buy from best buy again and you shouldn't either. don't buy from people who are dishonest! don't support their businesses!
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Best Buy- No Match

I’m writing to convey a situation that was extremely dissatisfying regarding my purchase of a new HP HDX notebook from Best This particular notebook is very new, large (20-inch screen!) and expensive. Best Buy has not been willing to stock them in-store so I made the purchase through their .com service. I’ve never used their .com before, but have made many large electronics purchases in-store, I use my Best Buy credit card and I am a member of Best Buy’s Reward Program. I’ve bought several thousands of dollars of equipment from Best Buy including video and still cameras, TV’s, a surround sound system, a portable DVD player, an automotive cd changer and installation, and numerous smaller items. Here’s my order: HP HDX- $2,999 Extended Warranty- $456 Tax- $215 Total- $3,600 Before I received my purchase I discovered that B&H photo (New York City) had the same model for $2,399; $600 less retail! I called to cancel my Best Buy order, but it was already shipped. When my computer arrived, I took it unopened to my local Best Buy (Orange Park, FL) with the online price from B&H. It is also worth noting that I also printed ads from Circuit City and CompUSA, both local Best Buy competitors and both $300 less for the retail price. I began my attempted price matching with the ad from B&H. I was told that they are not local competitors and as such Best Buy would not match. My final attempt was to show them both the Circuit City and CompUSA ads for a matching of $300 on the retail price. Now the rep.’s story changed to state that Best does not price-match. She said it was plainly indicated on my invoice though she was not able to show me this. They absolutely refused to match the price. I had to leave the unopened computer and get a refund. As a final insult, they would not refund my measly $20.00 shipping charge stating that it is not their fault that I do not want to pay so much more for a computer. Luckily I’ve saved quite a lot since B&H can not charge tax and does not offer extended warranty in Florida. Here’s the final tally: Best Buy total: $3,600 B&H: Computer: $2,399 Shipping: $40 Tax: $0 Warranty: $0 Free printer: $0 Free Windows Training DVD: $0 B&H Total: $2,440 Savings: $1,200 plus a $50 rebate, free HP printer and Windows Training DVD I’ve gained a valuable lesson and Best Buy has lost a valuable customer. I’m sharing this story with everyone I can find. Too bad all the people at work consider me the go-to-guy regarding technology. I’ll steer them all away from Best Buy. Jeff Aboumrad Middleburg, FL
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that was sort of dumb "This particular notebook is very new, large (20-inch screen!) and expensive" wow dumb *** most 20 inch laptops are durr


That's ok Best Buy. Keep making your customers unhappy.

That's the way to stay in business. I told the lower level manager that I would post complaints online. The problem is...

I can't find anything good about this store unless it's from corp. All I have to say is " Enron"


Cant wait till it breaks and you have no local support :grin

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