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Pardon the lengthy post, but someone please hear me out.

I've looking into buying a tablet since last year. Having had my head deep in Apple products, I figured I'd try something different. So, I thought, "let's make jump to Android to see what that's all about ." Then during December of last year, I bought the Nexus 7 at my local Best Buy.

Now, I loved the tablet. The crisp screen, the awesome specs, the stock Android... everything about it was just wonderful. At least until I noticed what appeared to be dead pixels or dust under the screen. To make doubly sure it wasn't some stubborn little crumb or thing of dust, I rubbed rather vigorously at it to see if it would come off; unfortunately, it didn't. I thought, "eh, defects happen all the time, maybe I just got a dud," and decided to exchange it for a new one. And so all was right with the world... until I noticed what looked to be a dead pixel or dust under the screen AGAIN. Rubbing or scratching at it failed to remove it, so I went in and exchanged it again for a third one. Thought this was it, I'd get a perfect product and I'd be happy. Nope. This one had a defective touch screen: it sometimes wouldn't detect multiple fingers or, in some cases, wouldn't register touches at all. So I went back to BB and exchanged it for a fourth one, only to be met with with the dead pixel/dust under screen thing again. Not being a happy camper but still wanting to give the Nexus 7 a chance, I went back to Best Buy and returned the *** thing and decided to buy one from Walmart, thinking BB just had a bad batch.

And guess what? That one had the same dead pixel/dust under screen issue, too. I said "Screw this," returned it, went back to Best Buy and bought the first gen iPad mini from Best Buy. But with the bad experiences I had from trying to purchase a tablet at all, coupled with a bit of buyer's remorse, I returned the iPad, got my money back and decided to wait a year before going tablet shopping again.

Well, fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I'm back in the market for a tablet. After the horrible experience that was the Nexus 7, I decided to look at a different manufacturer this time around. After looking around and doing careful research, I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. While I knew I wasn't gonna get the stock Android experience, the specs more than made up for it: the 8.4 inch HD screen, the microSD card slot, 2GB of RAM, the IR sensor... oohhhh I fell in love with it. I was even more comforted by the fact that I was buying from Samsung, a company known for producing high-quality products. I took it home and felt completely satisfied knowing I wouldn't have another defective product again.

But not even 3-4 hours later, my dreams were shattered once again. While I was browsing the web, I noticed what looked to be a dead pixel or dust in the top part of the screen. And no amount of rubbing or scratching would make it come off. So, I went back and exchanged it. But unfortunately for me, due to the many returns and exchanges on the Nexus 7 plus the iPad Mini I returned, I got flagged for making too many returns. yes, you heard me right. too many returns on products which were (with the exception of the iPad) all defective. All of which I had receipts for. What was worse was that I couldn't even exchange the DEFECTIVE tablet I had for a new one.

I managed to call BB corporate and they were able to fix things such that I could get a pristine product. I went back and they exchanged it for a new one. But I'm scared to go back and buy another product at all now. Because, knowing my luck, what if I actually get another defective product again and have to exchange it? I don't want to be flagged by The Retail Equation and be stuck with a defective product like almost did a week or so ago...

What's even more confusing is that the rep from Best Buy Corporate told me that defective exchanges/returns aren't supposed to count against me. Yet the rep from The Retail Equation told me not to make so many exchanges or returns as if I'm actually trying to commit return fraud or something. Which is it? Can I return defective products worry free or not? I mean, come on, I'm not trying to commit return fraud. I'm not trying to abuse the return policy. I just want a product that is *** free from defects or problems. Is that so much to ask?

I'm not crazy for wanting that, right? I'm not crazy for going in and exchanging a defective product (which, apart from me opening it, comes back exactly as I bought it, with no nicks or damage done by me, with original documentation, packaging, etc.,) with a genuine, legitimate receipt, right?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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So when u buy something just dont have attached to your account then it's not tied to your name and u can return items anytime this way just when u have it attached to account it will flag it