Valparaiso, Indiana

The fitbit I had received for Christmas stopped syncing to my phone on January 8. , Although I kept trying myself it would not sync after that time.

I took phone and fitbit to Best Buy for help in this problem on January 16. After sales person worked with both devices, he concluded the Bluetooth no longer worked in the fitbit. The salesman informed me that as of January 15 they could no longer swap mine for one that worked. That I would have to contact fitbit customer service to see what they could do for me.

And even though it was purchased on December 24 , which was less than 30 days I was on my own. Since we hadn't purchased their geek squad insurance. So this means they don't stand behind a product they sold from their store for not even 30 days unless you pay extra.

I have bought several computers, kindles, cameras, games from this store. I would have gotten better customer service anywhere but there.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is not up to any store to stand behind something they sell. They sell items.

They do not make them. THAT is up to the manufacturer.

After the return period, you deal with the manufacturer unless you pay the menial dollar amount for their protection plan. You played the odds, and lost.


best buy has bad customer service i tried to get my computer virus removed with the geek squad i bought the computer from best buy and they did not remove the virus and customer service was horrible


Best Buy doesn't make the product, Fitbit does. Best Buy isn't the one to blame for a malfunctioning device that was brought back into the store after the return policy had ended.

If you are outside the return policy and didn't choose to buy the protection plan- which is for the purpose of you having to deal with Best Buy instead of Fitbit- then you have to go through the manufacturer. The 1 year manufacture warranty is through Fitbit, not through Best Buy.

That is why they offer protection plans, so that you can come back in store and just swap it out for a new one, instead of dealing with the hassle of contacting Fitbit, mailing it to them and waiting for a refurbished item back from their repair center. There is a price to pay for convenience for the same reason your Starbucks coffee costs $4-$6.


Your answer is on the back of your receipt. It has been 15 days for more than a couple years now.

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