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I fell in one of their stsores,was transported to hospital by EMS, and xray revealed I had broken my arm. Store never called me to see what kind of injuy I had.

No follow up at all from Best Buy. I am disappointed that Best Buy has so little regard for their customers that they don't call you when something like this happens in their store. My neighbor had a fall in one of the well known hotel chains but was not injured and did not require any medical treatment, but the hotel called her several times to follow up. I think Best Buy could stand to learn some better customer skills.

Since my arm is in a cast people wherever I am ask what happened. I tell them Best Buy and that I have never heard from the store!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Your fault for being a clumsy hag.


I don't like BBY, but since no details about how you fell are provided, it seems like it might be a SCAM to defraud the company. They have cameras everywhere so good luck!


what the *** why would you een think they have to do that?

if you are *** enough to fall in public you should be ashamed of yourself and not contact pissed consumer you *** cow


Obviously you are not smart enough to have a real job or understand the business world or you would know any professional business has a policy re: any accidents that take place. Since you are so ignorant I will educated you.

An accident report is filled out at the store and forwarded to corporate headquarters. The store manager and corporate office follow also follow up with the consumer.


Don't let it bother you that they didn't call. It's a legal issue.

The other person with the hotel... they could have been calling to get her to make a statement she was okay, which they would use in the future against her if there was a followup claim. Don't trust ANYONE who contacts you when theres an accident claim!

I broke a toe at a major hardware store years ago. Store employee was helping load a heavy item and they pulled to fast causing the item to drop on my foot! I should have had a better grasp. But really!

The employee just left! Wow! I had to hobble to the Customer service desk. All they did was hand me an accident form - which I filled out. They wouldn't even call an ambulance! I drove myself to the clinic. I told the clinic the name of the hardware store and to send ALL the bills there. Which they did, including the followup visits. I think they sent me some papers to sign, which I just threw away! Probably some release of claim!


An ambulance are for people with real problems not a *** little broken toe. Lol you just said you should of had a better grasp on the item. Which sounds like you dropped it on your own foot which means its your own *** fault cry less pay attention more.


i see. Get a grip on reality .

A broken toe is just as painful as a broken arm, leg, or finger! It was also the big toe.

And yes, I should have had a better grasp to help in case the employee YANKED it OUT OF MY HANDS! Do you even read the articles?

You assume I dropped in on myself and blamed the store?

Where did I 'CRY' in my post?

Wow. Your an *** to the extreme.

You obviously have an agenda. Join GreenPeace and hug a tree.


That is why we do not help load stuff.


There could be some insurance regulation against the store contacting you.


Did you fill out an accident report at the time of the incident? If not what do you expect?

Was your fall their fault or was it something that you did----like get your feet tangled up or something along that line?

There are times that people just plain do clumsy things, that you aren't aware of.

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