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I bought an XBOX 360 at the best buy Laval center store. The seller told me it would be better to buy the extended warranty in case some accessories broke.

He stated as an example that the controllers broke easily if they were accidentally dropped on the floor. He said it would then be exchanged, no questions asked!

3 weeks later, I accidentally broke the headset that came with the game and the director of the store wouldn't exchange the headset: since it was broken, it was not covered by the extended warranty. He said it was like this in case people broke their material on purpose.

I couldn't believe it! Why would someone break their material to exchange it for the exact same thing??? I then asked the director to be reimbursed for the 79.99$ warranty since I was lied to. The director of the store would only give me 59.99$ back because I had a 20$ rebate on the XBOX.

I then called the best buy customer service: they told me to go to another best buy store for a complete warranty reimbursement, and specified that it did not cover anything other than a malfunction of the hard drive, and even that under certain conditions.

The customer service at this store is the worst possible service since they treated me like *** and used false pretenses to sell me a warranty that don't even cover the merchandise as they told me it would.

Personally, I won't ever buy anything else there. I found another store (La Source) that actually honor the warranty they sell, and for a much better price also.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Any Geek Squad Black Tie Protection at Best Buy covers internal damage including; heat build up, dust build up, normal wear and tear and power surges unless otherwise specified. Unless they tell you that it is an accidental service plan, it's internal damage ONLY. Now, on the other hand, if you go back to Best Buy and a cashier asks you if you would like a service plan, calmly tell them no thank you and don't get in their face about it...they are only doing their job.


I never intented to go to small claims. Just some common sense would of been appreciated from the director of the store.

They offered to replace it 2 days later but I already had bought another one at another store. BBY no more...I've learned my lesson the hard way.


Two points - I would NEVER listen to a BBY sales associate much less buy anything there. BBY would not be profitable if not for their "services." Pressure up and down the line forces store employees to say anything.

Your terms and conditions in the booklet do not list accidental damage - it doesn't apply to game consoles. You would lose this case in a small claims court - "sales" associates word of mouth is heresay.

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