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I tried to purchase a Samsung refrigerator (model no. RF26HFENDSR | SKU: 8815004) from their website, but kept getting a reply that they "do not deliver" to my area. I tried to order via phone, but they found the same problems. Also said zero stores for pick up, too. When I know best buy has stores in my area.

The zip codes I used were for Portland, OR and for Vancouver, WA, ! Please.

The fridge was advertised at $999.99, a savings, per, of 50% when I tried to buy it.

That was until today.

They changed the price from $999.99 to $1619.98 now, and Lo and behold, suddenly my zip codes work for both delivery and store pick up. At five stores! Amazing BS, right?

Fraud? False advertising? Bait & Switch?

Best Buy needs to be strung up for this kind of blatant illegal activity.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Your bait and switch tactics.

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Laurie, I worked in Appliances for Best Buy (and was a supervisor), and I understand FULLY where you're coming from! Manufacturer's got on the water saver bandwagon full throttle in the 90's, and they never looked back; as if that was the only reason why consumers would buy a new washer.

Maytag got bought out by Whirlpool, and it really narrowed the lines too far, but the deed was done. You can still get traditional washers through them at a very good price point, and they do a very good job...just uses more water. The other side of the problem seems to come from HE detergents, that don't suds as much, designed for use in these high dollar front-load washers. The best of both worlds seems to be the passive agitator top-load washers; have you tried them?

Whirlpool Calypso (old name) and Maytag seem to get clothes cleaner than the front loaders using the HE detergents for less money, and are widely available.

My local laundromat offers all three types of machines, so it may be worth a look for you! GOOD LUCK!


I just checked it in my area and it's still available (and for the $999.99 price), but only as a special order. So, if you wanted to pick it up that won't work.

However, Lowe's, and Home Depot also carry the same model and they will price match if it's available for delivery from the area warehouse.

Also, check .com and the stores independently. Not all sales are on .com, and they cannot pull from store stock.

I don't have a store ad to verify, but if it appears there you CAN request a raincheck on it, too.


Thanks Tom

We decided, after having disliked best (??) buy's services (???) since our initial experience with the store years ago, to finally cut the ties, cut up their cards, and move on. It's just not worth the aggravation, plus ideals differ re big box stores, too.

But we are happily trying out a very much smaller local store that is offering us a suite of appliances at great price point, set up, swift delivery and above all, it's a pleasure doing biz with these folks.

The added plus of exchanging monies for goods/services with a small local business is a huge factor.

Best (??) Buy can kiss off with their misleading ads, phony price points and extremely undertrained employees.


I appreciate where you're coming from, Laurie...Best Buy is having a problem with their appliance business when it comes to online sales and delivery. But, I am pleased you found one to your satisfaction at a local competitor.


Thanks BestBuyTom! Appreciate the chat.

FYI, I am buying a washer/dryer combo that I cannot get at BestBuy as well, after doing some research.

I'm of another era where washers actually got clothes clean, you could add a sock after starting without risking jail;), water levels your choice, made to last, and no squishy buttons to pinch my fingers after using awhile! Wheee. Speed Queen agitator, but the real hardcore old style kind of top loading agitator, and I'm more excited about that fact than I should be, LOL). I recently used a friend's older model and couldn't believe the difference in the clean factor.

Plus a 20 minute wash load, fully loaded, instead of my front loader Maytag now that takes 98 minutes for the quickest wash! That leaves everything dingy. Bleah.

I was surprised anyone still makes these! But found many others online whining as I did re dingy, longgggg washes.

Tired of everything wanting to think for me! My iPhone & iPad tell me how to type, my dishwasher thinks it's smarter than me, lolll even my oven wants to shut down for specific holidays. My iron says I'm using it too hot, my toaster asks me to get way too precise ("toast, please" is not clear enough), and my coffee pot and roasting probe thermometer speak to me, chiding me if I haven't raced to their aid when ordered.

Lolllll - enough.

Taking my brain back! ;) At least what's left of it.

Speed Queen is outstanding in the wash industry, and is one of few still making and experiencing a bit of a surge of sales recently from people like me, although it's not the "best buy"! A bit more dinero, but so worth it imo.

Anyway, thanks again, BBTom. Nice to discuss this with you.