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I had a terrible customer service experience with Best Buy in Chico California, rude obnoxious, poor customer service so I asked for the manager...No manager in store today! So I attempted to continue my complaint when the bearded young lad told me if I didn't act "civil" I would be asked to leave their store!

So I went home and wrote a negative review of their store...and it never appeared! So the next day I wrote another one and guess what? FIFTEEN, that's right, 15 positive reviews suddenly appeared, dated from March2-4....they had NO reviews since February 9th...but suddenly I lodge a righteous complaint and they delete it but they post FIFTEEN great reviews, all posted in one day but dated to look like it was from three different days! What liars!

They are unethical, immoral, and borderline criminal! And surely this goes on all over America with these *** artists...NO MORE! I will NEVER enter a best buy ever again, they are by far the WORST BUY that i have ever encountered!

And I am a 67 year old veteran, retired, with no axe to grind. They should be ashamed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Review Listing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Fire the frauds!.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service.

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I have had terrible customer service at the Myrtle Beach,SC store!!! The manager actually hung up on me after he was a smart ***!!

They are horrible and when you talk to corporate to try and get help they state we received this and that from the store as compensation and that simply is not true. It's your word against theirs. I'm not stopping until I get something done. I will write the BBB, attorney general or whoever I have to.

These people have no business dealing with customer let alone being managers!!!

And the review thing, same here! Ridiculous

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