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I purchased PowerBeats2 headphones before Christmas 2016 and paid cash. I intended to give these as a gift but when the recipient of the gift was unable to get the PowerBeats2 to pair, I took them back to exchange.

During the after Christmas rush the wait at Customer Service was over an hour....and I left...I returned today. After a 20 minute wait was waited on by the Customer Service Supervisor. She looked at my box, scanned the bar code, entered my phone number and my email into their database, then told me without proof of purchase that she could not exchange the item. Seriously, the bar code proved the product was purchased in the store.

Certainly the bar code was linked to some inventory system to tell when it was purchased. But no, without a piece of paper, showing when I purchased the item Best Buy was unable to exchange the product.

Best Buy just lost a customer. I will never return there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Beats Electronics Headphones.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: exchange for a working product.

Best Buy Cons: Worst customer service representatives.

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Actually, no the barcode cannot tell them it was purchased in a store. What you are referring to is a SEREIAL NUMBER.

A serial number is a unique number on items like computers that individually identifies them. All that a barcode does is tell the computer what product it is and how much to charge, that is it. The barcode does not tell anyone where an item was purchased or even if was purchased or stolen or given away.

So that is why Best Buy needs the receipt, to tell them YOU actually purchased this item because they have no way of knowing otherwise. How long have you been shopping in retail and not known how a barcode works?


Also, if you don't like those rules good luck shopping anywhere else because whether it's Best Buy or Walmart or Target or HHGregg all retail barcodes work the exact same way and none of them tell the retailer when where or how THAT particular item was purchased.


Beats can't be returned without a receipt. It's not her fault.

The system itself refuses to accept the return as it's an Apple product. Also being that it's open it doesn't fall under the no receipt exception guidelines.

The last day to return it by the way was January 15th. Sorry but if you do find the receipt bring it to Apple they are very good with their manufacturers warranty and usually give you a new pair.

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