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My husband and I purchased a Kitchen Aid oven; gastop cooker; range hood and refrigerator from Best Buy on October 31. They promised delivery and installation on Sunday, November 22 (four days before Thanksgiving). We paid over $7,200 to Best Buy on the date of sale: October 31.

Best Buy did not contact us prior to the delivery date to provide an up-date on the scheduled delivery time, as they had informed us they would. I called their delivery service number and waited on hold over 45 minutes on three separate occassions to speak to a representative. As described below, the hold time did not result in any satisfactory customer support.

Each time I spoke to a representative, Best Buy's story changed. Originally, I was told that delivery had been scheduled but that the time was unknown. Several hours later I was told that delivery had not been scheduled, but was being "added on." Later, I was told to call back within 30 minutes for information on the scheduled delivery time. Ultimately, I was told that delivery would be made at 6:30 p.m. and that installation would not be available. My husband, two 1-year-old twin girls and I had waited in all Sunday for the delivery of the appliances, for which we had paid Best Buy over three weeks earlier. Delivery never occurred.

On Sunday night, after having had $7,200 of our money for over three weeks and not having provided any goods or services, Best Buy informed us that installation had not been input into their system and that it would be an additional charge. My husband and I made arrangements to speak to a store manager on Wednesday about the situation.

The store manager said "sorry" for the confusion. Installation had not been input into the system by the sales representative (although we had been told that we had purchased installation at the time of purchase). He offered to provide installation for "free" and schedule delivery...again.

We asked Best Buy to immediately refund the money that they had been holding for over three weeks in order to make our purchases at a local appliance store that provided the same product and better service for a reduced cost. Best Buy exhibited exactly the kind of poor customer service that we should have anticipated from a large box store. I will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

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I do not recalling stating that Best Buy was ever warm and fuzzy to me. If people think the employees walk around giving each other high-fives, they are wrong. Try finding an actual business (no not one seen on commercials) that instills this much joy in employees. After all, it is work. However, I can say with absolute certainty, as a BB employee, that I am aware of the training that goes on with Best Buy employees. Employees are supposed to finish electronic courses concerning their department, along with hands on training that should take place. Key words there...should. An employee that does their work will have great product knowledge. If you would like to go tit-for-tat: I was shopping at a "buy in bulk" grocery store and witnessed a man "selling" a TV to a couple. The TV was cheap, and the employee was flat out lying to them.

I really don't care about who stays in business and who doesn't...everyone needs to make a living. What annoys me is how easy it is for people to complain online about a business...any business. Poor circuit city didn't have a positive thing online. I urge people to come into the store with issues. I like talking to people and I like helping them. Usually, customer frustration stems from misinformation. I can't tell you how often a customer comes in looking for a TV that, in reality, wont do what they want it to do.

On behalf of the employees that led you down the wrong path, i apologize. As customers you deserve better. I do urge you, however, to ask for another employee to speak to if you do not think you are getting what you need. Chances are, the employees know more about product that anyone because they are constantly around it. I sell around eighty TVs a week while the normal person buys 2 every four years...and the last thing I would do is lie about specs. Everyone deserves great customer service, to stress that point. I am a consumer in every arena but electronics so I'd hope to get honesty and integrity too. venting online is great, but its not going to get you any better of a set...or appliances for that matter. Just ask questions, get answers and get something you will enjoy.

Thanks for listening.

I am well versed in TVs and home entertainment and I do shop around because I am the buyer for my family business.


While I can't disagree with the idea itself that the dollar amount should have no impact on the level of service you receive - in theory - I can understand the reality that peoples lives are less impacted by a $5 memory card purchase than a few thousand dollars in appliances or electronics. $5 in cash out of your pocket futzing over a non-functioning memory card is much less disconcerting than having the responsibility for $7200 of debt hanging over your head for product you haven't received, especially if you're being given the run around as to why it hasn't been received yet.

Also, it always makes me chuckle when people applaud the store reps for their product knowledge... I've been told more blatantly incorrect things at Best Buy and their now-defunct competitor Circuit City than anywhere else I can think of. I'm not saying that's always the case but don't assume that a few good experiences you've had means they're all good either. I do my own research before heading to the store rather than hoping a sales person there will look out for my interests, as should anyone who doesn't want to be taken for a ride.

As for them still being around, don't kid yourself - business is business and it isn't pretty...they're still here because they've done what it takes to turn a profit and minimize losses better than their competitors, not because they're warm and fuzzy and look out for the consumer.



An honest mistake is made, and the store offers $500+ in services to satisfy the customer. :eek

Life is full of little disapointments, eh?


I have noticed one common trend in all postings related to Best-Buy: and that is a dollar amount. It seems that almost every author believes because they spent "alot" of money, they are entitled to more than someone that did not spend as much.

In reality, there is someone out there that is spending more than you, and the amount you spent should have no bearing on the service you recieve. That being said, mistakes happen in every business and I am sure your "alternative store" has run into a similar problem in the past. Everyone deserves adequate customer service, but do not be so soon to defame an entire corporation because of one personal incident. What you saw was poor management and uninformed/ untrained emplyees...not a bad corporation.

i have shopped at BestBuy and always will because their staff knows more about electronics than any other place I've gone to. and trust me, ive shopped around.Most of the competitors have closed.

I dont know of any other place where the reps will educate you on TVs for over an hour when they know you have no intentions of buying anything. Keep up the good work BestBuy

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