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I needed a repair on my 65” Samsung tv which I had purchased the 5 year extended warranty on. The tv was 3 years old and Best Buy couldn’t get the part anymore, so I was to be given a new tv [of course they are cheaper now] .

They said I would have to purchase a new warranty for over $400. I still had 2 years on my old warranty.

I feel I should have been given a pro-rated discount on my new tv. I can’ t help they couldn’t fix my old one.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Best Buy Pros: Sales reps were nice.

Best Buy Cons: Poor service and lack of honesty and knowledge.

  • Warranty And Customer Service
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I don't believe you "had to" purchase a new warranty. They were giving you a new telly to replace the old one which was under warranty.

Whether or not you wanted a warranty on the new one was up to you. The original warranty you paid for was for one specific brand and model of telly. The usual practice is to not carry over the warranty to a new telly once the old one expired. That's just the way it is and BB is following usual practice.

However, you might consider not buying a warranty in the first place as they are usually a waste of money-----you paid a few hundred dollars for a warranty on a telly and they have gone down substantially in price the past few years. Thus, you paid good money in the event something goes wrong during the warranty period----which is rare. You got lucky and got a new set. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong any you have wasted alot of money in the event something did go wrong.

I have seen people buy a warranty for a $50 microwave. Dumb.

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