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I am not your usual write-a-review person. However, Best Buy makes one want to write a review.

The store is large and impersonal. Everyone seems to have a specialized role & is seemingly unable/ unwilling to fulfill any role accept his/ her own. The employees seem to roam the perimeter of the sales floor, ducking in & out of assorted rooms, counter areas, etc. Everyone is properly attired, connected to each other electronically, physically present and, yet, so absent.

Line wait times can be unnecessarily long. Sales floor assistance times can be unnecessarily long. The average customer feels excluded from the ever-present joking & gathering of assorted co-workers (who quickly, instinctively) scatter if someone approaches with a question. Sometimes, I just want to go to Best Buy & spend money on things I need.

If only someone would actually help me in a meaningful way. How can a store so overstaffed with employees seem so terribly lacking in assistance? My advice: Train, train, train. Not just product and knowledge but also Customer Service.

Especially Customer Service. The store is always neat, clean & attractive.

Parking is pretty easy & the employees good people. Why not take it all up a level?

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Be available & have definitive answers to questions.

Best Buy Pros: Convenient location.

Best Buy Cons: Given incorrect advice which wasted time.

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My understanding of this write up is that your complaint is about the entire big box store business in general, not Best Buy specifically. This is the business world that has been so delicately molded from our cheap consumer mentality.

Everyone operates understaffed on purpose to off set everyone's need to make $30/hr and buy everything for the lowest prices. March Washington!!!!

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