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I spend enough money with bestbuy to become their elite PLUS member. Every Time i call the customer service line I always get a answer "NO".

Their customer service in the store are the same. WOrst in the world. I even sent the CEO a email HOW angry i was over the way they treat the customer after purchase. He nevcer replied.

SO the recent issue I have with my washer i just bought 5 months ago. It has been making noise. SO i called them they said it's not covered and you have to call the Manufecture. SO I asked HER(CAROL), best buy can help me at all??

she flat out said NOOOO...So Thats what you get with your ELITE PLUS membership in bestbuy. SCREWED

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Elite Plus membership does not grant you free extended warranty... that I know of.

Yes, they are correct, the warranty is covered by the mfg, and is at least 1 year. Some parts are covered for more than 1 year. Repair would be done at an authorized repair center.

Did you even check the specific warranty? Or, just complain about how unfair it all is because you spend a lot of $.

Wow. The entitlement is amazing.

Well, I spend alot of money on gas for my car, so when the engine fails, I should be entitled to a new engine! right?

If you bought a washer with less than a 5 month mfg warranty, then don't complain because you bought cheap! My guess is it does have a longer warranty, but you just accept whatever is said by whoever answers the phone.

1. Check the warranty. This is included in the documentation you received with the washer. Or, go the the mfg website and check on the specif model of the washer for the warranty periods.

2. If it's still under warranty, go to a certified repair center with your original receipt and THEY will tell you if it's covered. Skip BB and the mfg.

It's been over a year, so, no, it's most likely not covered now. It amazes me how little knowledge people have about the products they purchase, and little research they do.


Pretty dumb review.


did Best Buy create your washer? I highly doubt it. I hate that bags of chips have so much air in them these days, let me just blame Target because I shop there and I'm a good customer beucase they just supposedly made the potato chips there!


Elite Plus Membership does not mean that you can get whatever you want. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure you were offered a protection plan for you television.

If you chose not to get that, that means you are trusting that the manufacturer has made a perfect product that will never go bad. 5 months later, the product does go bad. So where do you go, not to the manufacturer, oh no. You go to Best Buy.

Then you get mad when they can't help you. But they offered you help. Oh you think that since you spend a lot of money you should be helped for free? No.

Sorry. Should have spent the extra money to make sure it was covered. You decided not to, so why should we help you. Because you spend a lot of money?

What YOU may think is a lot of money...isn't.

If you spent so much money, spending the extra $200-300 shouldn't have been such a big deal to you. Bet you'll get it next time.


@Some Guy

"Why should WE help you?" I guess it slipped that the person works for Best Buy :(


Extended warranties and the elite memberships, are not worth the paper there written on. In the end, we are all still a 'consumer'.

Strange that the mfg wouldn't even help you.

You had this for 5 months!


I'm soooo weird-ed out with any large purchase.


they got your money. it like a guy getting sex for the first time he really wants it.

they really wanted your money they have your money.

you have not been screwed. What can you expect from a company that the CEO screws the newest hire and then denies it!!!!!



I am a spoiled princess who thinks I should get my way no matter what. Shame on Best Buy for sticking to their policies and procedures.

They should know I'm special!

Don't they know the world revolves around me? :cry


Worst buy!! and they never stand behind any products they sell.

they never even stand behind anything the employees says ( I have been told did you record that if not good luck) WE tell you that all the time to get the sale. bONUS IS BASED on how much they sell (they wlll also TELL YOU NO BONUS which is another lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What does "never stand behind any product they sell" even mean? Like really?

If you buy something from and it doesn't work right, do you think they're going to say, "Oh yea, we'll just give you another one :)". No. They are going to direct you to the manufacturer because they're just the sellers, not the one's who made it. AKA THE MANUFACTURER.

And sure, Best Buy does have team bonuses, but not for individuals. And trust me, the little $40-$50 dollars that one of those part-time employees may get once every 5 weeks isn't going to change the way they sell a product.

You want to know what their incentive is? KEEPING THEIR JOB.


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