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we purchased a nice dynex 55 inch tv from best buy may 11 2011 and we also purchased the extended warranty on it. june 12 LITERALLY the HDMI portion of the tv stopped came out and it was NOT comcasts issue but the GEEK SQUAD came out to fix.

changed the entire board of the tv (the main board is what the tech called it) and all was fine til 2 months ago when the tv just turned OFF on us while watching. ANOTHER CALL TO GEEK SQUAD adn it takes them daysssss to come out (prob becuaes all the dynex tvs out there are ***) and they assesed the situation then came out 11 days LATER to fix it. MAIN BOARD REPLACEMENT AGAIN and they replaced the power switch. that lasted 1 week.....having the problem AGAIN only this time, if i unplug the tv and plug it back works some times for an hour, other times 1 min.

GEEK SQUAD was called on june 30 adn they are not coming to my house until july 13.

they told me "i'll be fixing to be angry when i hear the time of arrival" but tahts all they can do!

I OBVIOUSLY HAVE A so upset and don't know how to handle this.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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The same thing is happening to my 55 lcd that was purchased in Norman, OK in 2011. It starts popping up the captions and the shuts off.

Nothing works. If I unplug it and then plug it back in, it works for a while.


Same issue.

Geek Squad says they won't fix it because it is A)out of warranty and B)55" or larger.

Apparently they'd fix it even out of warranty (for a fee) if it was under 55".

Dynex (owned by BestBuy) says they won't fix it, and I should contact Geek Squad.

So... Because I bought a BestBuy TV instead of Samsung/Sony/etc.

I'm stuck with a TV they won't fix.

Fortunately I was able to buy the main board online and replace it myself. Still not happy at all and won't buy another BestBuy product.


I have same issues. Tv goes off by itself.

Unplug it overnight might stay on 30 minutes to two hours. What can I do to fix?


Call dynex. If they have to fix it more than 3 times u get a new tv


Perhaps you had a power surge, etc. (Whether it was noted or not wouldn't matter.) Perhaps any other TV might have conked, too.

I use Unlimited Power Supplies (UPS) for electronics--I've never had such a failure. Best Buy offer several of these--for a big TV, you'd want a better one, next time. I think that UPSes are better than surge protectors or taps. The latter can't raise insufficient current.

And, you may plug them into a UPS. I believe that UPSes protect electronics better--vampire currents, though. (They use large lead acid batteries--small versions of auto batteries--same chemistry.)

Frankly, I don't think that Dynex is that bad. People have defectives and issues--with all brands and models.

Some people curse any electronics that fail--fail some will! (This may be for any good reason--including customer negligence, damage or "misadventure" (as the British often say)! (Knowingly or unnoticed--again, that doesn't matter.) Sometimes, customers never forgive brands and models--even including those favored overwhelmingly. DOAs (failures) are inherent in mass fabrication--concerning TVs, definitely.

In electronics, DOAs generally pop up soon.

TVs ultimately all hail from the PRC (China)--some brand-names (from South Korea or Japan perhaps) shepherd PRC fabrication somewhat better. Sure, brand-name TVs may be very good. I've noted, nonetheless, that the PRC gets their LCD and LED TV and monitor/laptop screens "right"--they know well what customers here desire. (Dynex is such a PRC brand--it's been around for a good number of years, though.) I've had good luck with some other Dynex products.

(It's a brand name used somewhat loosely--far from the only one!) I got my late mother a 26" Dynex--worked well-my brother obtained it later and had nearby lightning--no UPS--thus, failure.

If you're really worried about brand, Insignia is the better touted Best Buy favored brand. Really, I think that you had the right approach: Again, I'm not certain that this wouldn't have happened--in any case. No one who chides here can prove otherwise. Think about it--you may have saved big $.

(Yeah, I'm cheap--for the most part, my PRC TVs never fail unexpectedly, though. I did something to hurt a TV screen some months ago: That's my own doing.)

OK, for such an expensive purchase, you should go online and find anecdotes, reviews, and recurring problems. Best Buy's store ratings for products are pretty telling and useful, though. (Mass consensus.) Maybe some actual flaw in fabrication, or weakness in design, does exist for a few items, after all.

Asian fabricators generally try to get better--many often succeed well--they incrementally improve over time ("Kaizen"). I'm cheap--generally, I won't pay a premium for a brand name sophisticated electronic.

(It has to be a great deal.) Some "zombie-brand" and house-brand/generic items prove out as pretty darn good! Praised or cursed, all new electronics come from the same place, anyway: Why pay more?!


I also bought a dynex 55" lcd at best buy around 5-30-2011,having same problem with the tv turning off on it own.went to best buy to get some advice,was told it was probably cheaper to buy a new one instead of fixing it. after telling the young man what I thought of his advice he gave me a card for geek squad ( what a joke they are it would be two weeks before they could come to my house,the service call price was exspensive)called local repair company,service call was half price of geek squad,waited 4 days for parts to come.

don't know how long the fix will last,hoping longer than the 3 first years? (reason bought it ,was told it was Best Buys store brand, won't be shopping at best buy, or buying anything from dynex!!!!!!


i also bought 55" dynex from best buy. three months before yours in ok am so frustrated.

i don't have money to fix it so basically don't watch tv. i feel totally ripped off. for $100 more i could have bought the Samsung or Sony.

i will never buy anything from best buy again. would have been better off at Walmart and that's saying something!


I bought a 40 inch Dynex 2 years ago and about a month ago started to have problems. I would turn the tv on and then it would make a loud ringing sound and go to blue screen.

I have to unplug the tv and turn it back on maybe four or five times before it actually stayed on for the evening. I phoned Dynex and Best buy and neither one was much help. Dynex told me they would not stand behind their product and I contacted the Better Business Bureau to see if I can get some help.

I paid well over $500.00 for this TV only to have it go in two years. Unacceptable.


I work for the warranty company that provides the service plan for Best Buy (your TV) and from what I read you qualify for a lemon exchange. Call the 800 Geek Squad (800-433-5778) and ask for a replacement. Good luck:)


From what I understand, the GSBTP you purchased MIGHT be replaceable under the third service call...not the fourth. Call the store and ask if the plan you purchased on your TV is going to be affected by the new changes.


my advice? buy a better TV next time instead of the one that was cheaper than the others.