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Do not buy anything from Folsom Best Buy 2445 Iron Point Rd Folsom, CA 95630-8710. I say this because I have spoken with the manager, and he fabricated a story that best buy would not honor my warranty because he stated that "a threat was made that a law suit would be filed." Although, it is legal for people to sue companies for breach of contract, negligence, and fraud, which it is apparent that Best Buy employee and manager named “Daniel” is supporting by acquiescing to covering up breach of contract, fraud, and negligence, among other illegal civil torts or possibly criminal intentional fraud to cover up his negligent managing abilities, I am not sure, but the controversy is created by this breach. Best Buy has a policy to warranty for 1 year which is stated on my receipt my ASUS G750JW laptop. However, employees can develop what is referred to in legal terms animus. Daniel, who would have to explain a lot of negligence, created a story, he said is in “notes” that a “law suit” threat or action allows Best Buy to breach contracts where warranty’s exist. Whether that policy is true or not, if you are buying from Folsom Best Buy, you as a consumer be warned.

So the obstacle in obstructing justice, is not Best Buy, but seems to be the Manager of Best Buy at Iron point road named “Daniel.” Because I contacted corporate office and spoke with “Andrew” who acknowledges that my warranty has not been vacated and is valid. Daniel told me that he was the “manager” and initially he seemed genuinely concerned that as many times I have had the computer in for repairs, he understood and was seemingly appalled that this could happen. But then, when my claims of negligence were verified by him, he said I no longer had warranty rights and that he could only refer me to 888 Best Buy phone number, even though his store employees broke and damaged my computer on multiple occasions.

Initially, in April the screen went white and would not function. However, the hdmi connection worked. Best Buy told me to back up the laptop data and bring it in. I did this and brought it in in May. They had the computer for almost a month. When It was returned, they said they replaced the lid and screen. But then there was no camera attached to the computer. Although the quality control document was signed off as 100 percent functional, the laptop was not repaired.

Additionally, I purchased for several hundred extra dollars 32 gigabytes of Ram that are specially designed for this type of laptop, and Best Buy installed the ram. So now I’m out about totaling around 1500 dollars for this ASUS G750JW and optional equipment.

So Best Buy took my laptop again and sent if off the second time to install the camera that they negligently did not install, even though they are supposed to test these things. But when it came back the third time they broke the sound.

In fact, Best Buy Geek Squad, under the supervision of Best Buy supervisors, signed off on a “touch screen as having operated correctly” and my laptop has no touch screen. So this is further evidence that Daniel, the manager, ignored these weakness that I had reported about the quality control department, and with willful intent, perhaps even ill will, in retaliation of my complaint, or to cover-up his negligent managing abilities, he has acquiesced to fabricate a story about “legal action” that has not taken place, as his sole basis to breach the warranty and legal binding contract between Best Buy and myself.

But the problem is not Best Buy, because they have a 1 year warranty policy and acknowledge it is still in effect. Daniel could replace the laptop or send it to a qualified repair facility, because his repair facility is negligent on repeated occasions. Thus, it is Daniel the manager, who has altered Best Buy policy unilaterally, by fabricating the existence of “legal action” that is his delusion, because the warranty doesn’t’ run out until September, plus the days of loss of use, I was told. There are no legal actions pending! Not yet anyway, and I think I would have to sue, not Best Buy, but this manager Daniel, because it is him obstructing the warranty. Best Buy has legitimate store policy for out of court redress attempts, that remain to this day within Best Buys policy for their own negligence and fraud handling of abusive employees, whatever the case may be. Daniel himself has put himself as “obstructing” our warranty rights, without legal basis, by fabricating claims to his upper management. The question is, well he get away with this fraud? But I was under the impression he may be getting this from his manager or a person he named he says is in corporate, but who never call me. So this is some sinister cover up warranty thing only Daniel is privy too, as he will not tell me anything further.

Trusting that Best Buy would fix my laptop, why should I not trust them?, I purchased two Samsung EVO 840 ssd drives to increase the speed of a laptop I couldn’t use. I think this cost me an additional 600 dollars. After all, I knew I had a warranty, and this means I have rights to a good laptop, but not true, not because of Best Buy, but solely because of employees that Daniel Manages, and Daniel himself! I don’t think Best Buy would initiate negligence, fabrications, fraud, malice, etc… So now I am out over 2000 dollars plus taxes and I have junk and accessories for junk! I am in business with a necessity for a computer, and Daniel has caused severe dis-functionality in my business, even though I have a valid warranty!

Nevertheless, I got the computer back, but again it was negligently “passed” by their quality control check list as 100 percent fixed. But again it wasn’t fixed for the third time, we had to leave it with Best Buy. For the third time My wife drove to Best Buy to pick it up because they said “it was repaired.” But after she got there from a several hour trip, as she stays in the Bay Area, after she again was told that she had to leave it with them a fourth time because the computer when turned on booted up making a very loud feed-back noise.

She again, for the fourth time, left it with them for that repair. They then called and said that the problem could not be repaired by them. So my wife for the fight time brought it home because she could not get ahold of me to leave it, as it was my decision. They told her, “Perhaps he could just get used to the broken laptop.” When she got home I called Best Buy and complained and they told me to return it for a fifth time and they would send it out for repair. They also told me that they had been sending to the manufacturers.

I then contacted ASUS and they told me that Best Buy had never sent them my Laptop for repair. But Best Buy, all the while, Geek Squad told me it was being sent to the “factory” or manufacturer. They may be sending these units to some substandard fly by night repair to save money, I am not sure. But I intend to find out! So again more deception!

I looked at the sound drivers and found that somebody checked some boxes that caused the computer to boot up with the mic and speakers on full blast. This had to be purposely checked off for this to happen. I unchecked the boxes, and then rebooted the computer. The computer started up without the noise. I thought Best Buy may be overbilling ASUS by creating problems, or that they were just malicious due to my complaints, and some sophomoric tech put that virus in it by checking those boxes. But I had to do my own repair work by a simple removing a check in a box, that Geek Squad said they had to send out for repair.

Thinking all was better! I then started to put the ssd drives into the laptop. When I turned the laptop over, I noticed rattling noises coming from inside the laptop. I then removed the driver snap off cover. Two metal objects fell out of the laptop. So no parts are missing and not reinstalled in my laptop. I then filed 3 complaints with Best Buy claims department. I was told that Galleger Basset was handling the complaints. I was given this number 855-832-1338 as his office, by Best Buy claims dept. I was told he would “be in touch with me.” I have left him two messages, and it has been a few weeks, but there is no message, only a recording. I tried entering his name and it says he doesn’t exist, I may have the wrong spelling. But nobody is calling me.

So then today, 5-21-04, I turned the Laptop on. The camera does not work. Again I talked to “Daniel” the manager, if there even is a Daniel, I am not sure at this point. But the voice over the phone insists he is the manager. I listened for evidence of faint snickering that may be in the background. I thought that this is so absurd, that some techy *** employees might be having a joke on me and making this a bit of sophomoric prankish fun. But this experience has been *** horrible! Daniel, even though I have several months on warranty refused to allow me to bring it in, and claimed that he is not obligated due to some “legal action” he claims exists. I called corporate and they told me they are not suing me for complaining and that they are not aware of a legal action against them by either of us parties to our contract that is being breached now by Best Buy.

If there are any other persons affected by a “Daniel,” or from Best Buy located at Iron Point Rd. in Folsom California, please contact me

But by all means, I would not make purchases at the Folsom Best Buy until corporate Best Buy corrects the responsible individual employees named in this missive.

I swear under the penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • ASUS G750 laptop
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I wouldn't deal with a customer who threatened to file a lawsuit if they don't get their way either.

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