Boston, Massachusetts

I purchased some small PC speakers and found out in the car after opening the box I could not use them. Ten minutes after purchasing them with cash I went to the service desk to get a refund.

I was asked for my drivers license. I asked why he needed it and he said that he needed the license number and its expiration date. I asked what if I do not have one. I did not think he needed it.

I was told that I would not receive a refund unless I gave it to him. ... Why does Best Buy need such information and what do they do with it ? ....

Perhaps they sell it to Washington or the voter fraud industry. .. No matter what the reason I suggest that you shop elsewhere. Walmart does not ask for or require such info on returns.

After this ordeal I'll be glad when its their turn to go belly up.

Hello Chapter 11. Do not support this company.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I like this policy. If handing my I.D. over every 5 years or so when I have to return something stops the serial returners, I'm all for it.


This is ridiculous policy. I won't give BB my DL.

If I have a valid receipt, they don't need need more information on me. Unfortunately, I just found this out tonight and was denied my $20 return when I refused.

I'll eat the $20. BB lost a customer.


Actually Walmart DOES require a license for returns with no receipt because it tracks how often people return things that way.

Can you RATIONALLY explain your issue with providing your driverse license number? If you don't have one, you should have a state issued ID which can be used in its place.

Stop crying about people following policies in place for a reason.


Sell your ID information to Washington..really? If you REALLY feel that way you're way too paranoid to be out in public.

An ID is required in order to track return history and keep you safe from fraud/theft. Tracking return history allows Best Buy to keep prices lower by preventing the "serial buyers remorse" person from renting out their stock of items for the year. Best Buy got rid of the restocking fees you all bitched about as being unfair and that led to them taking a ridiculous amount of returns on large ticket items because now customers have 30 days to try every 50" tv in the store. Excessive returns cost companies billions.

Anymore it seems people cant be bothered to make informed purchases about what's good, what they need and why it's for them, they are drawn to the sale price on the tag and whatever free items are included. And there's always a better bundle the following week. ;)The preventing fraud/theft is something I'd think most people would be happy about. A Best Buy in my area was able to help local law enforcement catch a guy that broke into someones car and stole their Best Buy purchases, reciept included, and tried to return them for cash.

The service rep entering that ID info provided the all the evidence they needed to catch this guy.

Regardless, many retailers are going this way so dont be surprised in the near future if GASP even Walmart required ID. It's 2 extra seconds at the register, you aren't required to sign in blood, I really dont understand why people get so fired up about providing an ID to do a return.

If you still think it's the worst thing ever, then by all means take your business to Walmart. May i suggest you bring a gun or weapon of some nature with you due to the recent shootings, tazings and pepper sprayings all occuring at walmart on black friday.


Oh and don't forget the fact that Washington ALREADY KNOWS WHATS ON YOUR STATE ISSUED ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They do this in case someone creates a problem so they can ensure they gave the refund to a bonafide person, verified by a driver's license. That's their policy.

I don't personally shop at BestBuy anymore than I have to due to their lousy customer service, but that's me. I don't shop at WalMart for many reasons.

Try shopping at Meijers if there is one in your area. Helpful, smart, hard-working people---unlike WalMart.


Yeah seem like the type of nut job that would shop at Wal Mart. Go shopping at Wal Mart because at Wal Mart you get what you pay and thats lousy service and cheap products.

If they need your drivers license then give it to them or don't get the refund.

Policy is policy. Who are you to be made an exception to the rule.