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Bought a dishwasher and microwave. Set installation to occur on the same day (2 weeks out) even though I could have made installers come out twice to install each item separately (I was trying to be respectful to avoid a second trip to my house being required).

Installation day was set for Friday 8-12 block. At 11:36, I called Best Buy to see what was going on as no one had come yet. I was told the installer was here but left as no one was home. I indicated that was not possible as I work from home full-time, have a dog that barks at everything and just so happened to be downstairs on the main floor making coffee at the time the installer was said to have been at my house.

Having indicated no one called my cell phone as instructed on my paperwork I was told a call had been placed to my home number (a line no one uses or answers and if I am on my work line doesn’t even ring). I went online and listened to the message. The installer called at 9:03 indicating he was 26 minutes away. Next call came from the warehouse 25 minutes later stating the delivery would need to be rescheduled.

So...IF the driver had been here, he certainly didn’t stick around to wait to see if anyone was home. At no time did my doorbell ring or any knocks occur (again, my dog would have barked and being downstairs at that time I would have obviously heard it). Best Buy said someone from “Escalation would call me”. Within an hour I got called and was told again the installer had been here.

I asked what the normal process is...park in driveway, ring door bell, knock, call home, call warehouse...all of which was noted as a yes. I asked how it was pissible the installer call came in (to the wrong number) indicating he eas 26 minutes away and yet tge warehouse call 25 minutes after stating the delivery needed to be rescheduled. Per my math, the installer wouln’t gave arrived yet, and if he gad, certainly dudn’t stick around to validate if I was/wasn’t home. That for a delivery install that was to take a couple hours, he came/left in a flash.

It was snowing on Friday, a really *** day, and very clear to me installing anything at my house was not of priority. The escalation rep indicated it would be impossible to havd tge install done tgat day but she would call ne vack within the bext two hours with a new day/time. She never called back. Today I called her at 7:45am and had to leave a message.

Finally, at 9:47 she calls me back only to tell me she doesn’t have an update. Apparently, the installers are “supposed” to bring product back to the warehouse when installs don’t occur and as he didn’t do that (suprise!) she was waiting for the warehouse to call her back when the product arrives so a new install date could be scheduled. Now....I am furious. First off, I WAS home Friday, I was respectful to wait two weeks so both items could be installed at the same time, I cleared my schedule to ensure the installer had my time/attention during delivery and install, I was told a new time would be defined on Friday and now it is Monday with no resolve.

Given I was talking to escalation, I told her she needed to “escalate” and have tge installer tgat should gave been here Friday install today. To think I am going to be put in the back of tge install schedule is not going to happen. Best Buy, either get your third-party install cendor in check or I will cancel my order. You are nit tge only place that sells appliances.

Given we purchase a lot from Best Buy, it is in your best interest to put priority to this as I gave no issue shopping elsewhere if this is the service you feel should be given. The escalation rep saud she was going to make some calls.

I am giving it until 2:00 that someone calls me snd if the install diesn’t gapoen tomorrow at tge latest, my order will be cancelled and you will lose me as a customer. can’t make this stuff up!

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