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No one in the Fullerton Best Buy store takes responsibility for there actions. I purchased a phone back in December and wanted to get it Protected cause i was spending alot of money on it. I wanted to get insurance on this phone and asked the difference between the 2 plans. They said Verizon's insurance plan and Best Buys was the same just that they don't cover lost phones. They said as long as you can bring it in its covered so i went with the best buy plan under the pretenses that it was equally as good as Verizon's

Cut to last week and i broke my phone. i go in and talk to the geek squad guy and he called the store manager James and the head of the mobile department. i waited 30 minutes while they were talking in a circle with other employees about the phone. I explained to them what happened and what i was told when i purchased the phone and the insurance plan. James said we don't make commission so there's no reason for them to push the BEST BUY INSURANCE! really? best buy wouldn't say anything to make you get their insurance plan? sounds like BS to me. then said it seems like it wont be covered due to the nature of the damage but we'll see cause its an unusual circumstance. They took my information and said they would be calling me with what the outcome was and what was going to happen with my case.

This is what really pissed me off also. He shook my hand and gave me his word that he would email and let me know what was going on. When a person looks you in the eye and gives you his word things would happen i would like that to happen. I waited 4 days and went back in on Monday to speak with him cause he said he was going to be there. No sign of him he was off but Andrew was there and wouldn't talk to me and pawned me off on some other guy. What kind of *** is that? How is that good customer service at all? the other guy i was talking to kept saying i don't know there insurance and no one at best buy does. SO THEN WHY TELL ME THAT ITS THE SAME THING WHEN THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?!?! if you don't know then don't say it or hide behind the "we don't make commission". I'm really upset cause i normally don't get insurance and now that i do I'm not covered? I'm very disappointed in your service and lies and no responsibility for what was said and done. and from a store manager.


Pissed off Customer

Monetary Loss: $800.

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they know the employees lie they tell them to lie. they tell them if you want hours you will get so many of these things in your shift the one that gets the sale gets the hours next week.

got it they say we do not give commissions (but they just change the wording) but don't worry they also screw up the employees bonus all the time. google it you will see 1000s employees or xemployees complaining of how the same company that SCREWED the customers screwed the employees out of money!

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