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If you dont like feeling like grease in the cogs of a indifferent machine then stay away from Best Buy! Ordered washer/dryer install and removal of old.

Had to wait four days but was ok with that. They never showed up spent hours on phone tracking down equipment, they wont do anything for you they make the customer do all the leg work and refuse to cancel order as they show system has in transit but cant find it. Spend the next day and a half calling different people in different departments all reading from the same script and all say they do not have the authority to do anything other then once they find it they will put it back in the "pipeline" and that I should just wait and see if it shows up next week. ?

What a messed up company! They do NOT value their customers! They dont care! and if the automated multi tier multi vendor auto program doesn't work properly, they just figure that lost unhappy customer is just the cost of doing business!

Very Sad! One this is for sure; You can NOT count on Best Buy

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Washer And Dryer Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It really does suck because Best Buy doesn't actually deliver and install the appliances there's a 3rd party that does and they are horrible I agree.


What you should have told them was that since they failed to deliver as promised, you consider the order cancelled and will refuse delivery if they actually deliver to you at some point in the future. Then, if they have already charged your credit card---you didn't make the mistake of paying with a debit card, did you?---file a dispute for product never received.

If the card isn't charged yet, contact your card company and have them deny any charge from BB. Or, you could just tell the card people the story and have them tell you whether it is advisable to cancel the card and issue a new one, etc.

However you do it, make sure you don't accept the appliances from BB or pay for it. Best Buy is really not a good place to buy much of anything anymore.



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