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I purchased a camera for my wife in Christmas. After just a few months the screen goes out on the camera and when I go to the store for an exchange and or repair they advised it was not covered.

The geek squad manager a very pompous *** advised that it was not a manufacturers defect and that's why they offer a geek squad black tie special plan. I guess the plan includes screwing all the customers out of standing behind a product by offering an inflated cost to have them provide customer service that was once necessary to conduct business. I have spent thousands in the store and in 3 minutes the lost me as a customer.

When I asked if this was worth loosing a 20 year customer the manager didn't blink and eye YES. Screw Best Buy and its rip off programs making you pay more to receive the customer service we deserve!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You do realize that Best Buy doesn't make the products that are for sell in their store right? Your Samsung or Sony TV doesn't say Best Buy it has the name of the manufacturer on it and manufacturer warranties don't cover accidental damage from you dropping it or whatever happened to it.

Once it's out of the return policy it's out of their hands unless you purchased the geek squad warranty.

And why do you think you're so entitled or special just because you've spent thousands of dollars there at Best Buy? Lots of people have spent a lot more money than you and don't act that entitled.


This is another example of a customer trying to scam the retailer. Retailers don't make the products, they sell them.

If the camera doesn't work, go after the manufacturer. If you damaged the camera, then ask the manufacturer for the address of the closest repair center and have it fixed.


A few months and Best Buy should be responsible for your camera? You probably dropped it a few times and that's why the manufacturer won't repair it.

Do you think managers really care about you? Maybe you should spend five minutes in the management office and hear what we say about you "precious" customers.


here we go with another *** that thinks he can control what a store is supposed to do just because he spends a lot of money. listen to the adults there when they talk to you, little boy or girl.

they offer their own warranty to protect your product. yes, they do it for more money but also if you want to protect your product. Best Buy didn't make the camera that you bought. retail stores don't make a lot of money on electrics as it is.

what makes you think they'll cover damages for free?

when there's a manufacturer's warranty, that means the maker of the product covers the warranty. maybe you need to learn that store and manufacturer are different words.


You still have a one year warranty with the manufacturer. Call them. Quit blaming Best Buy for not giving you a free replacement on an item you didn't buy a protection plan for.


People like you are annoying. Your camera broke which totally sucks that your hard earned money in this economy is gone but what do you expect a retailer to do?

Retailers stand behind manufactures and if the manufacture wouldn't cover it why would they eat the cost? In a perfect world they should but to be honest in my opinion quality of electronics has gone to *** because of consumers greed. Nothing is built like it used too be which is sad. I'm only a 10$/hr part time employee for 5 years and quality now compared too years ago is frightening.

Retailers have too sell it because Amazon sells it. Consumers look at price and not quality now days. If bby, hhgreg, etch would sell only high end quality stuff then they would be out of business. Wrapping up my point, I'm not saying you purchased a crappy camera but electronic fail rates have increased a lot over the years.

Retailers can't afford too eat the cost of them all. Manufactures control retailers by the balls. I guess I should end with informing you I do work for bby, I understand you're upset, I just ask think once more if bby failed you.

If not I HOPE your future purchases are a great experience! If yes then goodluck and I apologize for our disappointment...

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