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I Bought a Dell All- In- One Computer Inspiron 20 That I Bought In Febuary 2017 From BestBuy on Archer rd in Gainesville FL There is a defalt with the stand it is on a fold out stand witch every few months it works its way closed and the computer falls forward.The secound time it fell on my mouse and cracked the screen I had a warranty and took it back to Best Buy was told i could only be seen by appointment so they looked up my warranty gave me a appointment . i came back 2 days later and was told my warranty was no good because it was ACCADENTLY and that was not covered.

I said how is it accadently when it has a bad stand . i didnt drop it i was no where near it when it fell there is something wrong that the stand keeps working its way closed. The tech told me it was $350.00 for a new screen and the screen was just as much as what i paid for computer that Dell would send it back that they would look at the broke screen say it was ACCADENTLY and was not covered for me to call witch i did and got the same runaround.

thank you for reading hope you dont get screwed to. AND THE STAFF ON ARCHER ROAD ARE NICE UNTIL YOU DISAGREE WITH THAN THEY GET NASTY AND CONDASINDING unfournatally its the only one close or id go someware else

Product or Service Mentioned: Dell Desktop Computer.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $480.

Preferred solution: fix it or give me my money back dont care if its been 8 months defective is defective.

Best Buy Pros: Wide variety of products, Different brands.

Best Buy Cons: Were nice at first than they turned nasty and condasending, Defective computer, Poor customer service documentation and timing response, Customer service not willing to help or follow up.

  • Warranty sucks
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They got there money what do they care now


this is my post and i didnt give them a 3.7 review if anything it should be a 2 rating

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