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this is the last time I will buy from Best Buy. I purchased a camera from and upon trying to use the camera it would not open and turn on.

I went into the store and they said they couldn't help me because I bought it from their marketplace, meaning from one of their third party suppliers. I felt it I was completely unacceptable for them to push it onto them as my payment went to Best Buy not the third party.

now I have to have the manufacturer try to repair the camera instead of getting a new one because too much time lapsed between finding out it was broken and trying to figure out how I could return it.

I've spent over $3000 there in the last 3 years and this is the way I was treated, again, I'll never buy from them again

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Its funny how these Best Buy employees (mostly all teenagers) try to defend their less than honest company. There have been so many PROVEN deceptions that States'Attorneys had to get involved.

I believe that these kids are given paid time to post on websites like these.

File your complaints with your State Attorney's Office of Consumer Protection and continue to post on websites like this. Then send copies of the comments to the State'sAttorney's


The new issue of Consumer's Report, Dec 2012, on page 25 rates retailers and Best Buy is at the bottom.


I was an employee of Best Buy back in 1996/97. I have made 2 purchases from, and never will again.

There are countless reviews of their online service causing problems. Never use them. The stores are still good. And always bet the PRP/PSP (extended warrenty) as they will cover nearly anything that goes wrong.

But the online store? $^*#$ them. They suck. You want a good online vendor? Been shopping with them since 2006, spent thousands. The few times I received a DOA item, it was replaced for free, they even took care of shipping both ways.

In short, BestBuy stores good, bad.

Try instead. (Their charger cables are ridiculously cheap.)

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