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Update by user Mar 02, 2015

This has gotten so out of control. I log onto the Best Buy forum.

Everyday, more and more complaints that mirror mine. I comment, and Best Buy DELETES all my posts! Wow, so much for Freedom of Speech. They don't like the truth, that's for certain.

My most recent (deleted) post, was to a person that had the identical event as me. Im happy that they saw my post before BB deleted and they responded with a thank you, saying it made them feel a tad better that I went through exactly what they were going through.

Best Buy has had some sort of severe deterioration in Customer Service, and they simply don't care.

BUYER BEWARE: Use Sears, Lowes, Home Depot.. Anyone BUT Best Buy when purchasing a home appliance (Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove, TV, even Car Stereos) Small instore items would be fine, but I wouldn't give them my money again if you Paid me!

Update by user Feb 10, 2015

I logged onto the Best Buy complaint forum today and the newest complaint was another dishwasher purchase with the exact same complaints as mine. Add this one to the countless others that mirror our complaint on this forum.

It's mind boggling that they stay in business like this. It's downright disgusting!

Original review posted by user Feb 09, 2015


I bought a dishwasher online. It said Free Installation and Removal. When the Delivery guys got here today my old dishwasher was still under the counter. They said "Oh NO, we don't take them out". What? So I did. I pulled it out. I was fighting to turn off the water, the guy got down and reached under and helped. I then grabbed pliers to un-attach the hose, same guy took pliers and finished. I completely shamed him into it. I said "How are you going to install it, if you don't take it out"? NO, we don't Install. They took the old dishwasher and left the new one ( IN THE BOX ) in the middle of my tiny kitchen. Thanks guys! My receipt has Four lines of Service:

Each with their own SKU

1. Installation

2. Delivery of New Unit

3. Accessories

4. Removal of Old Unit

I called Customer service. I relayed the entire events to the girl, she put me on hold to investigate, she returned saying that it does imply Free Install and that she would schedule it for me. She said first avail was next Tues. I said you expect me to have the unit sit in the middle of my kitchen until Tues? She put me on hold again to see what she could do and I kept getting a recording that said Please hold I held for 15 minutes before I accepted I was in hold *** , and had been disconnected. That was 30 minutes. I called back and a new Customer Service Rep (Rachel) answered, I relayed the events yet again and Rachel said She had no idea who I spoke to, but I would not be offered Free Installation. I said I already have been, are you rescinding it? She said I have no record and will not offer it. I asked for a Supervisor. Left on hold another 10 minutes. The Supervisor finally came on, Yes, I again relayed the events. She also said She didn't know who I spoke to and would not help me any further.. Unless I wanted to pay for services.. I was told I would receive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Best Buy Pros: Appliance.

Best Buy Cons: Poor customer service, Bait-and-switch tactics.

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I don't really care about any of the other parts of this complaint, I have never dealt with Best Buy for anything like this so I won't try to say anything one way or the other. But I do want to comment on your update specifically the "Wow, so much for Freedom of Speech." statement, and all I want to tell you is this is the internet you have no freedom of speech on anyone's website, if they want to remove and censor their site guess what they can. I'm not saying its right that they would remove negative stuff related to them on their site but just realize its their forum therefore they have the power, your rights mean nothing on their site or anyone else's.


I hear what you're saying, but it's frustrating.


Are you sure that they don't use a 3rd party for installation? Double check your receipt.


Yes, they do. I had no idea, nor do the dozens of others that have posted on Unboxed (BB Complaint forum).

It was in tiny little print on another page that you wouldn't even think to look at.

My suggestion to them was to make sure that it was boldly posted that: Install cost more, must be purchased, scheduled ... was another post they didn't want to hear.


Not on receipt, as I purchased via online. Delivery receipt listed Install as part of Service.

Which they claim is the dropping off of unit. That infuriated me further.

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