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I used to only shop at Best Buy for electronics. So last week my sister bought a new computer from Best Buy (Bakersfield) and tried to get Microsoft office for it, but unfortunately they were out so they recommended we drive to their other store more than an hour away in Visalia. When we arrived we asked for Microsoft office for the MacBook, bought it and left. That night my sister had trouble installing it and we called Best Buy and confirmed our fears that they had sold us the wrong version, but we were assured by the Best Buy employee in Visalia that they would return it because it was there mistake. I explained my sister was leaving that night to go to school and still he said there would be no problem. There was a problem because Dave at the Best Buy in Robinson, Pa told us he could not exchange it because it was open. I talked to him on the phone to make sure he wouldn't take advantage of a timid college freshman, and once I got off the phone he took off to the back and would not come out and fix the situation. So now my sister is mailing back the wrong version because the store I bought it from will take it back. So I am annoyed to say the least. My family has seven children, and 14 grandchildren so you just lost at least twenty customers, not because of making a mistake but refusing to rectify the situation. I am reporting the incident to the better business bureau so hopefully your store does not do the same thing to someone else.



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How were you sold the wrong version? And due to copyright laws open software, movies, games, etc can only be exchanged for the exact same item


Thanks for sharing your concern. We had a similar experience.

I would like to say that I had never encountered such unprofessional staff in my life. From customer service to the manager of the day.

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