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On January 6th at 9:45am I ordered a canon remote control for my camera to be picked up at the Ahwatukee, AZ Best Buy. I completed and paid for my order on line.

At 11:15 I showed up at Best Buy in the customer service location. The person told me that they hadn't received the order and since I hadn't received a message stating it wasn't ready that I had to wait. I informed her that I had ordered the items over an hour ago and asked if this was normal. She stated that it sometimes takes a couple of hours and to just come back.

I went to the movies and returned at 1:45 and talked to the same girl. I still hadn't received the confirmation it was ready but assumed after 4 hours the item would be ready. The girl had my order number and couldn't find it in her system. After 25minutes of waiting and having her call "Best Buy" she informed me that the order had been cancelled and that's why they didn'tk have the item ready.

I asked how it could be cancelled while my debit card had already showed a pending charge for the item. Her co-worker stated that it was just pending so that doesn't mean it charged. After 30 minutes I gave up and just walked over to the location they sold the remote and paid for the item. I had the girl write her exact words about the item being cancelled.

She did and gave me the paper. So I go home and at 4:30 get an email from Best Buy telling me that my item is ready to be picked up. How can a company spend so much money advertising a service and just waste my time when I decide to try it. So if your interested in something from Best Buy don't order on line and expect to be able to pick up the item in a REASONABLE time.

I know have to request a refund for the duplicate I item that I paid for.

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Went through the same thing in md, never going back to best buy!