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My wife’s Asus laptop screen started flickering 4 days before the warranty was up. This was the only stroke of luck in the whole scenario that follows.

Checked the device in on December 12, 2016. The squad sent it to their crack facility in Kentucky where they repaired the screen then prior to packaging obviously dropped the unit on its corner from a considerable height given the damage that the unit had (I have detailed pictures showing the damage). We took it back to the squad and they apologized for the damage and tried to pawn it off on shipping. The box it arrived in was not damaged at all, again (I have detailed pictures).

I demanded they give me a new computer based on the shock the laptop must have had at their hands. They said their hands were tied and would have to send it for escalation to determine what they could do. They decided to replace the whole bottom case as well as the keyboard and DVD drive. We picked up the unit and took it home.

I turned it on and started checking thins out when I noticed that the touch pad was misaligned and was catching on the edge of the housing, it also had gouges on the side like someone tried to pry the mouse pad into place (Again Pictures). The screen did not close evenly as well. These things alone were enough to make the manager of the store wonder how hard it was dropped to cause these type of problems. The Geek Squad person I was dealing with also agreed that the damage must be beyond just cosmetic.I asked for an exchange for a computer that wasn't damaged.

We sent it off for the third time with the hopes that the e-mail the squad rep sent in addition to the 2nd escalation would describe the probability that the unit may have more internal issues than Kentucky was willing to admit to. I walked into the store yesterday to talk to the manager again and waited about 10 minuets and got a phone call from the squad in Kentucky acting like they were going to help convey my concerns to a higher authority. This was proven to be BS when the same person called from Kentucky to say they replaced the mouse pad bracket and keyboard again for some reason. They continued to basically read me a canned response that you would only hear from someone who does not care about customer service or doing the right thing.

I i had taken the damaged computer into the Geek Squad and it needed all of the repairs that have been done to my unit so far they would surly recommend I buy a new computer because if all these things were damaged there are probably more things wrong than are apparent. The people at the local store agreed that my concerns were valid. The fact that the manager of the store did not come out to talk face to face and had a specialist at BS call me tells me this is just standard operating procedure. Oh by the way, I know this is a fact because I have a relative that used to work for Geek Squad and he warned me this is how it would go and this is why he quit because he was forced to tow the company line of avoiding responsibility and blow smoke when it comes to doing the right thing.

I will be posting on every blog, social media site, e-mail of all people involved. I will not stop until I get satisfaction. *** I may even picket outside the store and print this experience up on flyers and hand them out to everyone I know. I WILL contact corporate about this, guess what I have that option as a consumer as well.

Is all this worth jacking me around for 2 months without a computer for my wife or does it seem like a really bad way to do business. Oh by the way Asus will be hearing from me as well because a computer should not break after 1 year with very limited use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geek Squad Laptop Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Exchange for same.

Best Buy Cons: Lack of customer support and satisfaction.

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This is almost the exact experience I've had with them!! I had to have my laptop screen repaired as well after having my laptop for 5 months, just a periodic glitch, but the unit worked perfectly otherwise.

I get it back not functioning AT all!! Then a geek squad member had the nerve to tell me that I was lucky They were going to fix it at zero cost to me!!! They were the ones who broke it!!!!

There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company. The thing is they have gotten away with it thus far and will continue to practice this shady business!!!

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