I pre-ordered the HTC One on 4/5. It was released on 4/19.

It's the evening of 4/22 and my order is STILL being processed! I called customer service and they were nonchalant! This is horrible customer service. They put on this whole charade about pre-ordering and then make you wait days after it's released to send it to you.

It's paid for and I don't have it!!!!!It't What does PRE-ORDER mean???? I'm Very upset!!!!!!

DO NOT PRE-ORDER THE S4 FROM BEST BUY. I'm sure it will be more.popular than the HTC One, and Best Buy will have you waiting days after the release day!!!!

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Virginia, United States #874447

I ordered an IPHONE6 in the store and received an email the next day telling me it was ready for pick up and if I did not pick it up by that evening the order would be canceled. When I arrived at the store I was told the phone was not actually there, its just how the orders are processed in their system. I was told the phones estimated delivery date was not for another two weeks.


You have preorder write. Best Buy stole your money for a preorder and did not deliver the product.

Terrible company. Preorder holds the order for you if Best buy can not deliver they should accept the order!!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #644492

Do not pre order go to the store and buy it when it comes out. That is what I do. I like to see what I am buying before I buy it.

Naples, Florida, United States #640662

Preorder does not guarantee you get it immediately. It works the same no matter who you preorder from.

First come. Orders are filled in the order they come in. If you preorder at the store, then they distribute first come.

So sometimes, they run out. It is a highly anticipated item.

to LadyScot Cleveland, Ohio, United States #640936

LadyScot, BEST BUY has units IN the store!!! How does stores have units, but our orders are still PROCESSING for PRE ORDERS?

Didn't pre order at the store, I did it online WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR OF THE FIRST DAY THAT PRE ORDERING WAS AVAILABLE!!!! Best Buy want people to come in the store so that can upsale customers on all the accessories and covers and screen protectors and *** that goes with the phone.

They can't do that to customers who have it shipped. They're making sure that the stores have phones instead of the preorders for this very reason!!!!

to janeen1080 Naples, Florida, United States #641109

You preordered online, which means your order online will be shipped in the order your request was received. What they have instore is irrelevant to your complaint. THOSE items are for the people who paid their preorders IN the store.

to janeen1080 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #906312

you cant pre-order online then expect them to give you in-store merchandise. This thread is not helpful.

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