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i was told i had to pre-order ipad 2 and give $100.00 deposit and i would be contacted when arrived. i asked the girl how long the wait would be she said she didn't know.

i said, "do you think it will be a month?" she immediately said, "NO!" Now Over a month later I'm still waiting. I called after 3weeks to see where i was on the list and was told there were 3 people on the list and i was number 1 so when they came in i would definitely get one so i said o.k. then i saw that another store had the model i wanted and asked them to call and see if i could have that one and they refused so i called and was told they were holding it for an event. so i called today because on the internet site it said they had my model in was told they didn't and when i asked where i was on the list-just to double check- i was told i am now number 4 of 5 people waiting.

When i asked how i went from number 1 to number 4 the employee was rude and when i asked to speak to someone else she slammed the phone down in my ear and hung up on me. They are totally unprofessional and I can't understand why they are still in business-- i will make it my goal to close them down!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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bob the scammed

why does best buy have so many refurbised insigna products. just maybe insigna=junk. if you do business with best buy, beware the fine print


I think you are too nice in your story telling. I bet when you asked her if it would be a month, she responded with "NNNNOOOOOOO YOU *** *** ***!!!!! STOP *** BOTHERING ME YOU PIECE OF ***!!!!!

That sounds more believable. Also when you politely and innocently asked to speak to someone else, she yelled FFFUUUUCCKKK YOU!!!! into the phone and slammed it down.

Keep us updated on your goal of putting them out of business. I'm sure they will start reporting record decreases in sales once you get your hands on them.

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