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Their TV power off in the middle of your favorite show. Manufacture company came out to repair however after 30 days the Insignia TV started cutting off again.

We were told to have it repair would cost us $150.00 plus parts and labor.

Never again.....Insignia televisions are made with poor quality and the manufacture comapny does not care about their customers(now the power button is hard to push this is another issue with this TV) and yes, they are aware of these issue and refuse to take responsiblity and do the right thing by their customers. Don't buy Insignia TVS......unless you want to buy another TV within a year...

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I have a small insignia tv that made metal tip of the cable connection that is plugged into it, burnt looking. I replaced the connection and it makes a strange electrical sound when its been on for a while.

I wont leave my house with this tv on. Im waiting for black friday so i can buy a new tv. I will never buy an Insignia TV.

A family in my neighborhood had their home burn down because of a new tv they bought. Im betting it was an Insignia


My wife and I purchased an Insignia TV (32 in) from Best Buy about 5 years ago. Recently the picture went bad (large grey lines)- I called Insignia direct and was informed they no longer have parts for this model.

Best Buy also could do nothing for me- I am stuck.

I would suggest not to buy these "junk" TV's because they are faulty and you end up with a non-serviceable unit. Good luck if you have one- you'll need it.


So I bought 2 Insignia 32'' flat screens on price impulse; one in back 2007 for $600 and the other in 2009 for $350. I've had these unopened televisions sitting safely in my storage till early last year (2012). I take out the one I bought first in 2007 that cost more and please note that I'm very "type A" about my things because I'm not rich and I don't have an "everything is disposable" attitude so when I spend my hard earned money on specific products, I expect them to LAST. I take good care of everything I have and I'm all about QUALITY. Well 9 months later after enjoying my Insignia TV, the picture becomes distorted with what I'm calling "black snow" (tiny black spackles) and barely watchable if you’re desperate or lazy.

I tried everything. I unplugged it several times; I unhooked my Wii, PlayStation and Insignia DVD player but came to no avail. I have been a customer of Best Buy for years and even have a credit card with them which I’ve used for about 99% of my purchases so they are able to view on their system, everything I've ever purchased with them not to mention I've kept EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT FROM THAT STORE TILL THIS DAY. I talk to one of the managers and explain my situation in which he asks me to bring it in and if the problem still persists, he'll give me a *** good deal on a new TV. Well, I'd like my $600 TV to work without having to spend more money here dude.

He pulls up the original receipt from the computer and acknowledges on his own that I've spent A LOT of money with them over the years as he's going through my spend record they keep. Yeah! THOUSANDS!! I come back half an hour later with my PRISTINE looking TV along with the original box and the other NEW UNOPENED INSIGNIA TV STILL SEALED IN ITS BOX to prove a point that just because I purchased it 5 years ago doesn’t mean I've been using it for 5 yrs. nor is it thrashed. Tell me why when he hooks it up to one of their DVD players does it appear fine?! He goes on to tell me that it's probably my devices i.e. PlayStation and Wii ALL OF WHICH I PURCHASED AT BEST BUY AND TAKE GOOD CARE OF SO I KNOW IT'S NOT MY DEVICES!!!

So I look like a ***...I take it back home sans the Insignia DVD player I owned (I gave it to the manager to recycle) and works fine for about 2 months and the same problem is back! Bottom line is Best Buy DOESN'T CARE ABOUT KNOWINGLY SELLING YOU INFERIOR PRODUCTS. I just brought the other unopened Insignia back from my storage and will see how long this PIECE OF *** will last. Please save your money and don't be fooled by the lower prices. Stick to the tried and true name brand Televisions. Yeah they cost a little more but if you're like me and expect your product to be worthy of the money you spent, then you'll go with a superior brand. Just Google Insignia TV complaints and you’ll see for yourself.


If you would have purchased the black tie protection there wouldn't be a need to purchase a new tv. Yeah there are a lot of people that don't think they will need it, but this is proof that yes; customers do need this service best buy offers. After all it's a lot cheaper than buying a new television every year...


My parents own an Insignia Tv and it is 3 years old and recently the power cord caught on fire at the tv. The company claimed it was highly unlikely for the cord to catch on fire and it was a problem our outlet that caused the fire. Interestingly enough there was a recall on an Insignia tv for that exact same problem.


My insignia is 3years old and now half the screen takes 30 minutes to come on it also flickers has double image problems pretty much almost unwatchable. I bought it at best best buy and even got the extended warranty it would have still run out by now. I'll never buy another tv from the manufacturer again.


I have a Insignia and it works great! I am sorry you had issues with the tv but there is a 1 year MFG that should cover any MFG defects.

I am sorry if they have given you the run around.

I hope that you are taken care of soon. Come to the GeekSquad desk and we will try to advise you on the matter.

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