I placed an order online for an iPhone 5 last Thursday because I thought it would be easier to order online and just pick up at the store. They had a glitch in their system and somehow my order has become a "ghost" order that no one at Best Buy can apparently retrieve the details.

They see the order but no details. The money has deducted from my bank account but the order still has not processed. I've spoken to customer service numerous times and been to the store. I know there can be computer problems with any business but to not be able to pull the order details at all???

It's a pending charge from my bank that they said could take a minimum of 10 days or longer to disappear from charging my bank account. No phone, and out $225.00. Never again!

Maybe a month for now, I'll have my money back or a phone but I will not purchase from Best Buy again.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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