I bought a Amazon Kindle last July for my daughter's birthday. I also bought the 2 years warranty with it because the seller lied to me and told me that whatever happen to it, they will replace it with a new one because they don't repair no longer that kind of product.

Well I went back to the store today and they sent it to fix. The manager couldn't help me. He didn't even apologize to me. I called to the 888-customer services, they couldn't help me either and they tried to shut off my mouth with a $25 gift card.

Very disappointed!!! They lie to sell!!!

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Wow. Best Buy employees commenting here blaming the customer!

The truth is that those Performance Service Plans (PSPs) aren't worth the receipt that they

are printed on. Even if they changed the terms of their so called PSP, they would have to honor the terms at the time of the purchase. True, the underpaid teenagers that work there

don't make comission. That's one reason the service is so lousey. You probably didn't "break" your kindle and you were probably told that it would be replaced under the PSP. Next time buy from Amazon, Microcenter or HH Greg. You'll be happier.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #699084

That is a true fact, Best Buy is not a commission based retail store. also the sales rep didn't lie to you the policy on tablets/e-readers changed 6 times this past year alone, and it isn't bed buys doing its actual the vendors doing i.e. amazon, apple, samsung etc...


So let me get this straight...

You bought a 2-year protection plan, broke your Kindle, and it's getting fixed? and you're pissed?

#1 - Sales-people are human too and policies change quicker than the weather in retail stores (you've OBVIOUSLY never worked retail in your life.)

Plus I happen to know that Best Buy employees are not commissioned sales people

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