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I bought a dishwasher from Best Buy and purchased their extended warrantee. 2 years later the dishwasher broke so I called to have it repaired.

But while repairing the dishwasher, the Geek Squad repair person broke a water line to my sink. the cost for a plummer to come out to repair came to $200.00. I have called the supervisor, and left 3 messages. Then I called the supervisor's supervisor and left an additional two messages.

Not once did I receive a return phone call from either one of them! That will be the last time I buy a warrantee from them.

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Gaurentee there work? They can't even return a phone call to discuss the issue1 What a joke!


Pretty sure you should have called the Geek Squad first before the Plumber. They gaurantee their work, not your plumber.

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