Mission Viejo, California
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I purchased an Apple computer from BB. I was sold on an 18 month no interest loan by the salesman.

I said "No interest? Why not". I put it on my bank's autopay to be fully paid in 18 months. After 18 months, I received a bill which I tossed, as I knew I was paid off.The next month i received another bill.

It said I still owed $800 plus a $50 penalty! I called the BB card company. They told me that I didn't sign a no interest contract as I was told. I signed an interest DEFERRED contract.

The 23% interest was to be added after 18 months! So now I owe $850. I obviously should have read the mile long contract. I should not have believed the salesman.

What a sucker deal. After going through several levels of management, I was able to delete the $850. It wasn't easy. They at first wanted me to pay half!

So watch what you sign at BB, I don't know if this "deal" is still being sold, but be careful.

I do love going to BB.

It's a great store. Just be very careful.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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It's because their credit card is ran by the piece of *** bank Citi. Those c-ocks-uckers are a real pain to deal with.



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