I visited BestBuy in Mt. Vernon, NY on Saturday, February 6, 2010 to purchase an iPod speaker system.

The unit I was interested in was the Altec Lansing iM600 which retails online beginning at $93 (http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=altec+lansing+speakers+ipod&ved=0CCYQrQQwAA&cid=9935463608728629115&sa=title#p). When I asked the salesperson if they carried this model he said they did not have it in stock and then showed me another Altec Lansing model (Altec Lansing inMotion) that he said was the model below the one I was originally looking for but was only $49, which is clearly what the price tag on the item indicated. When I went to the register to pay for the item I was told that the item was incorrectly tagged and the price was $149. After speaking to the department manager and then the store manager, they refused to honor the $49 price.

I was happy to return home to purchase the same unit online for less then $100. I am not a legal expert in the laws governing mispriced items but I was under the impression that it was the retailers responsibility to honor items as they are priced.

Review about: Best Buy Manager.

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I hate incompetence

People grab product it gets moved around and things happen. Please stop thinking a company is going to take a $100 loss every time some product gets moved throughout the day. OR just order everything online and stop wasting peoples time in store.


I'm sure Best Buy made all their money by printing one price on their price tags and then jacking it up at the register. :x


I work for Best Buy. In this case, it does sound like a simple human error or even a customer picked up the case and wasn't looking where it was put back.

(Happens quite often, resetting/recovery for the store each night is always a task) Most states have a law requiring that if a listed item is under a price tag, then the store must honor that price. The loophole is that the item model number, store SKU and manufacturer are listed on the stickers with the price. Therefore, even if misplaced, the price on the tag only applies to the item with matching information.

Every customer situation is different based on circumstances. In your case, it truly does sound like a simple mistake.

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The retailer has the right to get the correct price for an item they sell. Incorect prices on the shelf are most commonly human error but can also be a case of a dishonest employee trying to give a buddy a deal. I am quite willing to bet that if the price on the shelf was $149 and you got to the register and it came up at $100 you wouldn't be demanding they charge you $149...it works both ways.

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