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Be very weary of Best Buy's Card policies when you charge for a big item. If you don't pay it off by the period they give you, they will drop a large interest charge into your account, which then adds compounded interest.

This was something I have never seen with a normal company that deals with the public. The interest dropped into my account was $1700, plus compounded interest, which I honored because of my negligence. This is loan sharking practice for a business. I ended up cutting up the Best Buy card and when I went to the pay the balance off, they asked about my card.

When I told them I didn't have it any longer, I was transferred to the fraud department. This is after I paid off a $2300 balance. The fraud department starts drilling me why I don't have my card and starts getting on me like I was a criminal. I did what most people would have done and I told the fraud department where they could stick it!

I then called back and talked to a supervisor, and she was in disbelief on what I had went through with a zero balance on my account. Needless to say, I will never buy anything from a company with business practices like this. I am a manager in a top retail grocery chain in the US, and I would be terminated on the spot if I treated a customer as I was. My advice, Target, Walmart, Fry's, and Amazon.

And being in the job I work at, I deal with hundreds of customers a day, and when I would bring this up, I was in shock on how many people Best Buy has done this too that swore they would never go back. You have heard what happened, if you don't agree, go ahead and do business with them.

For me,when I not only hear bad things from a lot of people, but then experience it for myself, that is when I pull the plug on doing business with a horrible company such as BEST BUY! I hope this helps when selecting a place to buy electronics and so forth.

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Not paying a monthly payment and/or the balance in full per the promotional terms usually ALWAYS means you get charged full interest from the day of the purchase. This is a VERY common thing with almost all store credit cards.


You are responsible for understanding what the stipulations are with any credit card. You are blaming a company based on your own negligence? Don't blame the company, blame yourself for being irresponsible with your debts.


Store credit cards are owned and operated by a specific bank. Best buy does not get the interest from the cards, it goes to the bank.

The only reason major Big Box Stores offer a credit card for their store is to provide the customer an alternative way to buy stuff from them. The only money Best Buy gets is from the initial purchase, the bank gets the interest. It's amazing how many people don't understand this. You should be complaining about the bank the card belongs too.

Regardless don't buy stuff with credit cards. If you cannot afford to buy it out right you simply cannot afford it and shouldn't be buying it.

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