Millington, Michigan

We had purchased an HP Notebook computer from Best Buy in November of 2010. We purchased the extended warranty, had Best Buy install the software..

the whole 9 yards. One year later we had a problem with the screen, we took it to our local Geek Squad/Best Buy, they proceeded to tell us it had to be sent out for repairs and it could take up to 30 days. We were notified one week later that the computer had been discontinued, could not be repaired and had been destroyed. The bad thing is, the computer still worked, had files on it and other valuable information.

We were not given a choice or opprotunity to recover out computer. But, the real issue: we were given an "in-store" credit that was not even enough money to buy a new computer, let alone replace what we had.

As far as we are concerned we will never buy from there again! Horrible customer service!!!!!

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And you are complaining because "YOU" broke your computer and got money back for it? you got more money than what you paid for the protection plan that they offer a data retrieval service once your computer is deemed unfixable i had a toshiba that i got $320 back and paid 500 for it bought something they had on sale and the manager discounted it for me because of my computer being unable to be repaired thus getting a better computer 2 years after purchase


This is for Best Buy you will end up like 6th Ave electronics if you continue to treat your customers like ***.For those who don't know who 6th Ave electronics was they sold electronics in NJ and NY and were a bunch of crooked guys look them up


I bought an HP in 2009, a year later (after the warranty) the screen went black and it was cheaper for me to buy another. I didn't buy the new one at Best buy.

Seems the computer got too hot and fried hard drive from the battery. HP was being sued in a class action, but I didn't know about it until after the fact.

I will NEVER buy another HP. I got a Toshiba this time, will see how that works out.

Alan C

You got stuck with their "fair market value" clause in the mouse print of the Black Tie plans. Check Ebay for what others are selling a 1 year old computer for.

IF signficantly more, consider taking them to small claims court. Also, if significantly more, get in touch with your state's division of consumer affairs.


Same issue here, only, I got my laptop back and fixed it myself. The geek squad wanted almost $600 to fix an issue with power connectivity.

I didn't even pay that when I bought it! I think they want to keep the computers with the intent of reselling them.

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