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I bought a SAMSUNG television from BESTBUY online and when I opened it, the screen was cracked. When I went to BESTBUY to return it (with the receipt), I was told that they couldn't exchange it because it was after the 15 day return period, even though I purchased the additional protection for the television through BESTBUY, and to call SAMSUNG.

I called SAMSUNG, sent them the information and photos they requested and was told that I'd have to pay to repair the broken screen and to contact BESTBUY. After I emailed BESTBUY'S customer service department, I was told to contact SAMSUNG. I have been a loyal customer of both BESTBUY and SAMSUNG for over a decade and have NEVER encountered such shameful customer service. I'm left with a broken, useless television, a useless additional BESTBUY warranty and a thorough disgust for both retailer and manufacturer.

With all of the choices for retailers and manufacturers, such awful customer service shouldn't exist.

Please don't buy from either SAMSUNG or BESTBUY, so they will know that not taking care of customers is unacceptable and leads to a decline in their bottom dollar!

Reason of review: Defective, Poor Customer Service, Blame Shifting and Wasting my Time!.

Monetary Loss: $417.

Preferred solution: Full Refund, Credit or Replacement .

Best Buy Cons: Lack of care for customers, Broken merchandise, Will not accept responsibility and make it right, Having my time wasted.

  • Best buy worst store ever
  • Best Buy Customer Service Nightmar
  • Samsung Won t Make It Right
  • Don t Buy A Samsung From Best Buy
  • Stop Bad Customer Service
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do not consider Sears.. I have been without a working refrigerator for almost 4 months while they are trying to find a battery. Customer service is a thing of the past....


Next time, don't wait past the return date to open something you buy. That is just plain ***.


A company with a 15 day firm return or exchange policy is plain "***". Especially when considering the lead time for the online order to be delivered to the residence is inclusive of the 15 days. Vote with your wallet and take your money elsewhere.

@Mister customer

You will find that most, if not all, retailers who sell electronics have a 15 day return policy. However, being that the item was bought online, it has to be returned online since it was a damage item. READ, READ, READ the terms on the website.


Dispute it with the credit card you used to purchase.

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