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Bought an Acer Touchscreen chromebook, and half the cord was missing. When I brought it back it was a negative experience from the beginning. First, the return agent (and she interrogated me like she was the Gestapo-their attitude seems to be the customer is wanting to rip you off) wanted to know why I didn't open the box before I bought it (never thought I would be sold something defective or missing parts) then they said that they wouldn't

take it back because it was missing half the power cord WHICH WAS WHY I WAS RETURNING IT (I had the receipt and it was in the original packaging.) They said I should've returned it immediately, and I told them because there was a 15 day return period since I didn't live close to the store I just planned to go to the store within the return period time when I was going to be close to the area. They said that the return policy said you have to return it with all accessories, I said how can I return it with all the accessories when I didn't GET all the accessories and there was NOTHING in the receipt or ANYWHERE on their website that if the product is missing any accessory that you had to return BEFORE the return period was up.

After the initial agent couldn't help me she got her supervisor who told me it couldn't returned AT ALL and she said that she would talk to HER supervisor and maybe give me a gift card (they did offer to replace it with another computer but I was fed up at this point.) In fact, initially when I bought it, I had been told that this computer was NOT available in the store and it was NOT listed in their inventory system at all, they said that it would take 2 weeks to receive it if I ordered it online, but "suddenly" someone in computers, remembered they had one in the cage. I wondered why it was NOT in inventory on the computer and although the seal wasn't broken, it looked like it was peeled off slightly but thought nothing of it, now of course, I regret it and should've questioned everything. I also didn't want to take the other computer they offered me, because they told me that if there was a problem with it, I would be stuck with it, I would NOT be able to return it and and I didn't want to take that risk.

Finally, as if they were doing me a big favor, they said that they would give me a refund but I had to be charged for the power cord THAT I DID NOT receive!! Then I couldn't return it because i didn't have my i.d., I did not think it a problem, (I had changed purses and only remembered when I was halfway to the store but because it was paid for in CASH and I HAD the receipt, didn't think it would be a problem,) the SKU number they made sure to scan was the SAME as on the box!!

Since I didn't have the i.D. I left and yes, I was going to take it to another store, where perhaps I would not be made to feel like a criminal, but the supervisor's manager called me back and was going to give me a refund minus the $20 (I even pointed out that they shouldn't be charging me the $20 (actually $O) but $10, as it was only HALF the power cord that was missing) but he said they have to charge for the whole thing. (Ironically on their site, a similar cord was only $10 AND was told by many, that it's not the retail store that eats the cost but the manufacturer so they were getting money from me for not suffering ANY loss.)

I could fight them on principle but for $20 it wasn't worth it, just hope they lose a lot more money from my warning to people, do NOT buy from Best Buy, if you buy something that's missing an accessory, they will not only NOT honor the time period of their return policy, they will charge you for the part you did NOT get or maybe refuse to refund you all together. Wish I could file a class action suit, but guess have to find all the people and it's a hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Best Buy Cons: Poor customer service.

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Well you are keeping part of the product, so they should keep some of the money . .

. I don't see why you feel it should be free.


Google "Best Buy complaints" and see if you are alone.


I don't know why it says Hacienda Heights, it was in TORRANCE, CA.

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