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My wife and I were told on Saturday the day we ordered our Washer & Dryer the soonest we could get our

appliances would be by having them delivered Monday since they did not have them in stock. This already became

a problem because both my wife and I work on Monday. So i called my work there on the spot and got them day off.

We were told then by our service rep we would receive a call Sunday night confirming our appointment. Sunday night

and we were worrying as to why we never received a call. By this time the store is closed and we are unable to call and

try and find any answers. Come to find out scrambling through our papers our service rep did not write down the day of

our delivery and time. But in our purchase notes it is stated that our fulfilment date is Tuesday between 7:00 am-7:00 pm

So i call my boss and arrange for me to come into work. But lost half a day in the process. So then as Monday

Continues i receive a call from the delivery company whoever that may be it is automated. That my delivery is scheduled

from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Well that also proceeds to be some what of a problem because i work until 4:30. So i arranged to leave

work early once more in hopes to have my appliances on time. This was to ensure that someone would be there if by

chance they were there at 4:30 or somewhat early.

Come to find out later Tuesday evening at 6:34 PM they are unable to reach anyone at the delivery company or

on the truck. But our appliances are in transit. Nancy at 1-888-BEST BUY who was one of the most helpful employees of

the evening, said she would stay on the line and try and reach someone. At 7:26 Nancy came back on the line after being

on hold almost an hour that she has still been unsuccessful. So she was going to get in contact with the store manager

from the store we purchased it from. We then receive a call from Kyle the manager on duty at the Grove City Stringtown

rd location. He explained i should be compensated for the hassle and that this is not how the company does business.

He was very nice, explained that if i did not receive a call or the truck did not show before 8:00 p.m. to expect a phone call

Wends day afternoon.

Delivery truck shows up at my house at 8:40 says he is sorry for how late he was but did not give a reason. I myself

work for a moving company. If this same thing was to happen and we were late we would at least call the customer and

explain our situation and or at least call and say when they should expect us. At this point in time i don't honestly believe

they should be making delivery this late. I am supposed to be getting ready for bed to be up early for work. I find this

very unprofessional. Then i show I the route and told him if he were to come in the back it would be much easier than

through the front. He claims they were not able to fit the box truck in the back, without even attempting to try and wanted

to come through the side fence.

The two gentlemen who were in fact polite needless to say also removed the boxes from the appliances and carry

them up the dividing steps for our double. Through my side fence down my house which the scrapped the side of the

washer and come into the back door. where they nick the washer Coming in through the door and carry it down the steps.

So as they go out for the dryer i take pictures and get on the phone with Kyle who explains to me that i should refuse the

washer and expect a phone call still tomorrow afternoon to set up another delivery for the washer. So they had to carry

the washer up stairs and load it back up. When we went to fill out the paper work for the damaged washer he explained he

really did not know how. So I thinking to myself i sure hope this works out correctly. Because my wife is contemplating

having these both returned and going some where else because this has been a nightmare. To top it all off I am running

outof clean clothes and I am possibly going to have to go to the laundry mate. Which is very sad. When you pay a

high dollar for something nice it should look the way it does in the store in your home.

One of the biggest mistakes which my company always avoid, leave the item in the box if possible it helps from

causing any damage. On the following Friday i take another half a day of work off they deliver my new washer and dryer.

This time they bring a dolly and cart it up my driveway, remove the box once again and carry it through my front door.

They once again scratch the washer but not nearly as bad as the last time. Christine from the corporate office promised

me a phone call Monday to compensate us on our troubles and offer us a mere $100.00 gift card. But this is only after

i call several times Monday after her not calling me, and finally getting a hold of her on Tuesday. This is absolutely the

worst service i have ever had. I will never buy another appliance from best buy. End of story

Unsatisfied Customer

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2138.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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