Los Angeles, California

I purchased a 32in. Insignia television from Best Buy in L.A. late Dec. of last year. It stopped working and was reported as such late April, 2008. As of June 5th after countless phone calls the television is still down. Right now they know that the part needed will not be available until late July, but must wait before offering to replace the set for another 2 weeks. 2 months to fix a television!!!

Do not buy from Best Buy, they do not stand by their televisions and will waste your time rather than replace or fix defective products.

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Maybe people shouldn't read the receipt. Companies have policies for a reason, they are not scams.

The 15% restocking fee is place on the box in the form of a sticker, how much clearer can that be. And do you know why there is a restocking fee, because people will use the item for a duration of time, and then return it to the store. Not only that, but most stores discount the open boxed items that were returned, the restocking fee covers the mark down cost.

As consumers, it is our responibility to check stores policies as far as returns/exchanges go. When you buy something at Christmas, as a gift, and then try to return it 6 months later...don't be upset if they won't do it.


debit transactions are given cash.

if anything is over 250 bucks, you get a check in mail.

You know how I found that out?




Give a call to Best Buy Consumer Affairs; if they agree with you, they will instruct the store to take action now, as opposed to waiting.

BTW; There is NOT a restocking fee on everything Best Buy sells...just things people like to rent.


best buy also rips you off when returning items, they charge you a 15% restocking fee and will not refund th rest as cash, even after paying with cash... RIP OFF!!!! :(

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