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Update by user Dec 29, 2018

OK I paid for somebody to drive me to Vancouver to exchange the desktop computer. Guess what It doesn't work properly either.

since Best Buy has blocked my phone number I can't even call them to tell them. The 550 dollar computer has turned out to cost me over a 1000 and Best Buy doesn't care.

They have online purchases but do not back those purchases, If I could drive I would not leave that damn store until somebody made this right. NEVER BUY FROM BEST BUY.

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2018

I needed a computer to get a position with a company. According this work order I must of course use a computer. The computer I had the video card was going out and memory to handle the program wasn't enough. So, I thought how fun to go and purchase a computer. NOTHING FUN about it. I went to my bank got a six hundred dollar loan. Went to Best Buy.com and ordered a new very adequate computer. According to the Best Buy order the computer would be shipped the next day. Two days later I received a notice that my computer could take an indefinite amount of time to be shipped. I fought with customer service online, to fix the problem or let me change or cancel the order, they refused. After writing them on facebook I received the computer. I hooked it up, logged into all my accounts, changed passwords and all that other *** that takes forever. Then my monitor went out. I threw it away and got another monitor. Then that monitor went out. I had to keep force starting the computer. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont. and it is random that this happens. I can use this computer but it's video stops randomly and I have to force start this thing all the time. I have called customer service and they said to return it. Great, but what do I do in the mean time because I have got to go to work. They do not care. Apparently they are not responsible to do things like help their online customers. I have to go to my bank again tomorrow take out another loan purchase a computer else where. Pay for shipping and handling for this computer to send back, make the payments on two loans for a product that didn't work. the problem

1. Isn't this a retail establishment? Meaning they make a profit of of sales, Right, Or not? Why wouldn't this company sell me a different computer. wouldn't it make more since to assist me instead of insult me,

2. Their customer service line will ring busy when I use my phone but when I use the neighbors phone my phone call goes straight through, but they still wont help me. I am still calling the customer service line and I am still getting busy signals. I think they just flat out do not care.

3. I know that because there is an extra expense here I could probably go to small claims, however, I am not going to, I will eat the cost of both computers and never shop at Best Buy again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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