Black Friday Blues | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

I have been standing in line at the DC store since 10pm to get tickets for Best Buy black Friday Doorbusters. What a joke. They won't tell you how many tickets are available but they let hundreds of people into the lobby to wait in line. Noow it is almost midnight and the Best Buy staff who are at the end of the line are telling us that the tickets for the 42" TV were gone over an hour ago and most items in the ad don't even require a ticket. Why didn' they just announce this so peoplle would know to leave? With all of the electronics they sell, why couldn't they just put a marquee ticker showing number of tickets left for each item.
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Tim Thomas, I notice you respond negatively to most posts complaining about Best Buy. Other than your command of the English language, correcting posters spelling/grammer, do you have anything to offer? Or just an axe to grind, so to speak.

PS: I'm sorry that you are unemployed.



I stood in line for 7 hours on black friday along with 300 other people all wanting the 42" flat screen TV for 199.. Then they finally started giving out tickets about 11:00 pm (only 16) YES ONLY 16 TICKETS !!!

I will NEVER go back to Best Buy.. They could have let us know the TVS were gone but they didn't and let us keep standing there hoping to get one...

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!! :(


Black Friday at Best Buy SUCKS. Waited in line for 2 hours.

Sales associate told me I did not have to have a ticket to buy their advertised TV. Waited another 3 hours in another line, just to be told I could not get a tv because I did not have a ticket. I was PISSED off you can't even. Imagine.

Found all the tickets they gave out was to the 3, yes 3 people who were first in line. They should have said something to all the folks in line.

NEVER NEVER AGAIN. I will shop at all the other competitors and I will make sure to bad mouth BEST BUY to everyone.


The add clear has printed the amount the store needs to have for customers right under every door buster


Just to point it out plainly using excerpts from your post:

1. in line at the DC store since 10pm

2. hundreds of people

3. at the end of the line

Summed up with a line from the Best Buy Ad

"Minimum Quantity: 10"

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Best Buys Custome Service is beyond Unsatisfactory

I want to start off this complaint by saying I have been a loyal customer since age 12 when I could buy video games and music. After 12 years of many purchases, my significant other had purchased online at Best a 'Managers Chair'. I had just got promoted and this was the perfect gift for me. She got it in the mail, gave it to me wrapped up and I opened later as I live many hours away from her. Upon opening it, the handle on the hydraulic lift so the chair goes up and down was already cracked and the 5-6 spoke base where each individual wheel attaches had scruff marks on it like it was used. I felt so angry because of the hassle I would now have to go thru. She watched me open it on Skype and saw how disappointed I was. Well things happen and I said that's okay lets just return it and get another one. She called and was told "take it to a store and have them order another one to be delivered to your place or to the store so you can pick up." Easy enough. I went into the Best Buy in Pyramid Mall, Ithaca NY. Spoke to an Erik in customer service, who to be honest, after working in retail for so long, hes got to go. He clearly has no communication skills and seems he is to defend the company at all cost and not even listen to my concerns. So without saying a word he scans and types in all my packages info with the order number, asks for my drivers ID and very rudely ask 'Would you like a refund to pick one out in store?" 'No. I want this one but not broken.' "Well its from Best Buy Online, so there is absolutely nothing I can do.' Doesn't make sense to me because someone on corporates customer service level said you would order me one'. 'Well it doesn't work that way, would you like the refund?' Seeing $97 and some change on the screen, I said why not. So expecting 97$ to be returned I felt okay about the product and company but mad at Erik. After scanning a gift card, he says you now have 44$ on here and 53$ went on your mastercard. 'Wait hold up. You did not explain it would be split up'. I want the refund so I don't have to bother my other at 11 am in the morning. And this is what I get, the reason why I am never coming back to Best Buy ... 'Well its now final and there's nothing I can do at this point ... I can Help the next person!" Really? I am the customer and I promise you this is what happened. I get a broken used chair in the mail, call for directions, and go to the store level and meet this untrained employee. I am done with this company if you support Eriks behavior and I recommend communication training for all employees. But I would like to give you, the company, a chance to make things right. Email is best and I encourage you to contact me as I have always done business with you.
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Store pickup hiram ga. store gave the wrong ipod upon pickup. | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

wrong ipod touch. order white got black. was sons christmas present. he wanted white. wife did not notice. and i didnot look (my bad).bestbuy is having a bad season for customer service. will take a hard toll. with consumers and stock holders this year.but we can not let it fall. we already lost a major player in eletronics.(circuit city) and it took a big hurt in the u.s economy. alot of people lost there jobs. if you take a good look at the big picture. all employees from the person that pull the product for pickups to the c.e.o. must take stock in your job. so you can keep it.
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Best Buy/GeekSquad/A&E Factory Service - no service

My 85-year-old parents purchased a dryer from Best Buy 10 mos. ago that's under warrenty. They called the GeekSquad for service - who contracts to A & E Factory Service (in No. VA). An appt. was made for 3 days later. The night before, A&E canceled because they didn't have a repairman - so why was the appt. made? The next available appt. is in 2 weeks! There's no way my parents can lug laundry anywhere. I'm flying home, so I can't do it for them. I talked to A&E with no resolution. I requested that they pay a repairman overtime, they snorted & said no way. I requested that they squeeze my parents in by bumping a person each day until they're caught up & they said they wouldn't "intentionally" bump anybody:. We asked them to pay for an outside company, they said no, no to a loaner also'. They were rude:. We called Best Buy/GeekSquad, they'll write a complaint:. No loaner there either;. I'm so upset, I know I'll be talking about this for a long time". I sure won't buy anything from Best Buy & won't use the GeekSquad or A&E/. I guess since it's under warranty, they don't make money so why help us?
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a&e are independent contractors that work for the manufacture of the product and are not owned or controlled by bb. Call the manufacture of the product and see if they have a local authorized servicer in the area


I agree. BestBuy Geek squad has already gotten there money from you for the product they aren't making money now on the repair.

Same thing happened to me.

I am done with Best Buy. I am cancelling my account with them and sticking to the "

Mom and pop stores.

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Vero Beach, Fl. Best Buy SUCKS

Bought a flat screen TV for our conference room from the BEST BUY in Vero Beach, Florida. We are a non-profit and very careful with out expendutures. The TV screen was broken when we opened the box. BEST Buy's manager said she could not do anything and walked away after telling us to bring the TV back in as they had others in stock. After going through 4 members of their customer relations department Best Buy offered us a $99.00 gift card to purchase another flat screen. No I'm sorry just stuck with a broken TV.
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Best Buy Manager

Bye Bye Best Buy

I have paid my final visit to Best Buy after terrible customer service in West Nashville Tenenssee. To begin with, I looked without success for a salesperson to help navigate the differences between satellite radios on display. After making my best guess, I waited at check out while the only cashier left her post and accompanied another customer across the sales floor to point out which alternative item might be best. At least five minutes later, the line of customers was at least 10 deep. Another five minutes and cheerless female manager showed up to open a second register. The line of customers was now 15-20 deep. I expressed my difficulty finding any rep to assist me and it was clear Jesse the manager could not have cared less. She was hostile and let me know what an inconvenience it was for her to come work a register. In this economy i can definitely find another retailer that respects their customers and who wants our business and hard-earned dollars. Best Buy will no longer be an option when I have gifts to buy.
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Amazon, in my opinion, is going to put Best Buy out of business because 1) you can get what you're looking for because it's in stock, and 2) their generous return policies. Bye-bye Best Buy--may you enjoy the company of Circuit City, Borders, and Linens and Things.

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Sold me a bad tv | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

i bought a insigna tv from best buy in nov. we took set to lake house and used it for 4 days. we disconnected tv (as adviced) and closed up house. the house is climate controlled.we return in april, reconnected tv. set was not able to get signal. finally after talking to geek squad the set got a picture. the problem was everyone was green. there was no red in set. we return to best buy for a exchange but manager was rude. best buy shipped the set away for repair. so now i have no tv for 30 days or more. read the details of your 2 year buy does not stand behind their own brand, we will not buy from them again. beware best buy
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They are sending your TV away for repairs. It sounds like they are taking care of you. It's not like they told you to get lost.

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No refund for defective goods | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

On Black Friday I purchased an advertised Rocketfish bundle from theAsheville BestBuy – a surge protector, an 8' high speed HDMI, and a screen cleaning kit. The $139.99 "value" was priced at $99.99, a price reduction of nearly 30%. The surge protector was DOA – the lights lit up, but none of the outlets worked. I took it back looking for an even exchange for a working model. Unfortunately, the other identical surge protectors were also defective. Unable to find a working model, I requested a refund. The Customer Specialist offered me $.01. He explained that I had only been charged that amount at the time of purchase. I responded that the $.01 charge was BestBuy's bookkeeping convention only. The advertised package had not been a "buy A and B and get C for $.01," but a whole package price I explained that I would be willing to take a proportionate reduction on the $39.99 price of the surge protector, but that a penny refund was ridiculous. Otherwise, I explained, I would be paying full price for the other two items as the result of BestBuy selling me a defective product. Undeterred, he said I had two choices – take a penny or return the whole "package." I returned all three items and immediately called the national Customer Service phone line. I explained the problem and got no reaction from the BestBuy's end of the line. Their representative did ask for both my phone number and my email address so that they could get back to me with the resolution of the problem. It's been 10 days and I've heard nothing and expect no response. Even if BestBuy's conduct doesn't border on fraudulent (which I believe it does), it certainly exhibits corporate stupidity and bad customer relations. It would have taken very little to keep me happy and now I'll never shop there again. I encourage all savvy consumers to avoid BestBuy and to tell their friends to do the same.
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An easy way to know what you will be getting back for your return would be to look at your receipt and see what you were charged?? Makes sense to me why not you???


Its quite simple, when you buy several products for a 'bundle' price the price of the individual items is taken down so it totals that bundle price. When you try to return a part of that bundle your are getting back what you paid for that individual item.


Ten feet tall men with small brains just must know it all. You are right -- cause people like you have to be. I'm retired from running a 10 million dollar business and you just run your mouth.


***. You aren't an attorney anymore than I'm 10 foot tall. An attorney would have more common sense than that.

So, Mr. Attorney, how much of the bundle discount should have been applied to that surge protector? Pants are the same item. You said it yourself, buy one get one free is different than a bundle discount. How would the store apply that to different items with very different prices?

An HDMI cable, screen cleaning kit, and surge protector probably would have cost $30 at newegg, but that's beside the point and you don't sound like you have any sense anyway.

You sound like your biggest problem is frequent returns. Let me guess, the pants were too difficult for you to figure out too. This is why returns are becoming more difficult for the rest of us. I'm sure your reply will be that these are the only 2 things you have returned in your life. Just save it. I see common sense and you will never meet.


As an attorney, I can assure you that this is not the "rule" in virtually every state. It is a practice that many retailers may follow, but it is neither common sense nor is it universally practiced. As a m atgter of fact, I just purchased 3 pairs of pants at a G H Bass store from a buy one and get 2 free package. I was given 2/3 of my purchase price back. Under your "rule" I would have gotten zero or would have had to return all three. To suggest that the computer couldn't have done a proportional cost adjustment is ridiculous. It could do anything that it is programmed to do.

If you didn't spend as much of your efforts being a self-righteous critic, you would have read that I did not willingly return part of the package. One part was defective and BestBuy couldn't supply me with a working model. Even if your rule were true, this case would be an exception since the failure was theirs alone and not mine.

Furthermore. it was bad business to *** off a good customer over a small amount like this. Interestly, someone at Best Buy actually agrees with me and has offered me a significant gift card to get me to return as a customer.


It's not only a rule in almost every store, it's common sense. Just because it isn't written down, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Their computer probably won't let them do a "proportional refund".

It's simple. You bought mulitple items for special bundle pricing. If you want to return any of those items for a refund (not exchange), you need to bring back the entire bundle.

I realize you don't like that rule, but every major store you visit will be the same way. If it's sold as a bundle, it needs to be returned as a bundle.


In response to the peoplearefunny, I add only that there are no suvh instructions with the surge protector. Furthermore, a device plugged into the master outlet didn't work when turned on.

In response to Simon, let me say only that there is no such rule written anywhere re: returning the whole package.

It is a practice that some stores may follow, but not a set-in-stone rule. My return was not because I decided that I didn't want the product, but due to the store's inability to provide me with a product that actually worked. The burden of good business practice is on them to make things right, mnot on me to have to make a separate trip to do a return.

Also to add to the foolishness, I returned obviously used products without packaging that they could not resell. It was a losng proposition for them all the way around.


Promotional Items and Bundles

When a promotional item is refuned, the value of the promotional item is deducted from the refund amount. For instance, if you purchase a TV and get a $100 gift card or 50% off of a DVD player, the $100 value of the gift card or the total value of the DVD player would be subtracted from the refund.

. When an item included as part of a promotional bundle is returned, the bundled discount is void and the value of the bundled discount is applied to the refund. This occasionaly results in additional funds being owned to Best Buy. For instance, of you recieve $200 in savings when you purchase a laptop and printer together and you return either item, the $200 amount will be subtracted from your refund.

My advice to AngryinAsheville is READ store polices before complainting!!


The new surge protectors have a "master" plug on them. One whole side of the surge protector (the one labeled "master controlled") won't work unless there is a device not only plugged in, but powered ON in the plug labeled "master".

Supposed to reduce energy consumption. Probably weren't even defective...unless you knew to check that.


Even so, that doesn't negate the fact that it was purchased as part of a package and thus, the entire package needs to be returned.


I'd might agree with you, Simon, but your assumption was wrong. Two employees tested the the three surge protectors and couldn't make them work either.

One even acknowledged that several had already been returned.

The simple fact was that they couldn't provide working equipment. Sorry.


When you buy things at a price as a part of a package, you typically cannot return just a part of the package. I'm not sure what they were thinking with the offer of a penny refund, but they were correct in needing you to return all the items you bought as a part of that package to get a refund. This is standard practice that will be the same no matter what store you shop at.

One DOA surge protector is unfortunate. 2 makes me think you don't know how to use the product. The odds of you getting 2 non-working surge protectors are very remote.

I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish by escalating the matter or even posting on this site. Best Buy didn't do anything the other big stores wouldn't have done. I think you are being unreasonable.

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We bough 10 days ago a refrigerator, a stove and a plasma TV 3d 51", and we schedule (after a long process in your store) the delivering of the appliances and the mountain of the TV. Once the guys with the appliance arrived I showed to them the basement entrance, where...
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Terrible sales people in the TV department at Best Buy in Cary, NC! I went in to purchase an AV Receiver to use with my new TV I purchased a few weeks ago at another Best Buy. I was approached by a female associate and was asked if I had any questions. I asked a...
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I have similar experience with sale people of best buy ,not only dont know nothing if not they dont attend you ,ahh and of course the manager always is in vacations.Compusa they are the same ***.I think that when you go to

work to one of this stores you receive a training or something .Aparrently more retard you are you are the best candidate to work in this stores.

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Best Buy Sales Manager