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I had Geek Squad install a tv. After buying all the things from best buy the tv would not work. Best Buy store or corp office did nothing about it. They care less about anyone. They were rude and didn't care. I just lost 600 dollars because they won't do anything about it. Best Buy wants me to pay additional money to have a new one put up. I will never ever shop at best buy. I should have read reviews about this horrible company before I spent thousands of dollars. The Corp office wouldn't ever take my complaint
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I have a feeling you left out the part where you wanted them to replace it after it stopped working a year later.

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BestBuy | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

I went to best buy to buy a hard drive and my check was declined by Telecheck. There was more than enough money in my account to buy 4 hard drive. I see there is a lot of people that have the same problem. My advice is to stop buying from stores that use Telecheck. If the consumers stick together and the stores will lose all the sales that Telecheck declines it will hurt there bottom line. I would think Best Buy would have someone with some intelligence but if you look at how bad the us economy has become this is not the case. Just look at Best Buy sales last XMAS.
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I touch myself at night.


Wouldn't that be a Telecheck issue... BB can't do anything about it when Telecheck is telling them there is no money in the account.


Use a debit card, caveman. Checks are a risk for a store and they are under no obligation to accept them.


it's called a debit card. join us in the 20th century.

are you serious?

writing checks?!?!?!?? debit cards are free.

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Best buy came through!

After posting my complaint last night about Best Buy, I called and spoke to a different manager today. I related the entire scenario of what had happened to him. He was receptive, pleasant and helpful. He arranged to have someone over within an hour to fix the problem. So today I am very pleased with Best Buy in Marina, CA, because they at least have one manager there that understands their legal responsibilities to consumers. I also want to encourage others that maybe if they get a *** one time, they should persevere until they find someone to talk to who is a bit more on the ball!
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Best Buy Manager

Commercials | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Cant believe your commercials are all about beating Santa. Very poor taste. Not Funny at all. Hate your commercials. Very very disappointed consumer. Little children watching the commercials are upset about Santa, why would you think your better than Santa. Commercials should make you like the store and it's products. Why not help Santa instead of kicking him off the roof and trying to scare him. Who thought this was a great sceme to try and out do Santa rather then promote a nice store helping Santa. Next year I hope you have a better marketing team doing your commercials.
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I need to come clean. I am a worthless best buy employee who likes to peel one off while watching grandmas shop via our security cameras. Sorry I'm such a POS guys - my sponsor told me to tell the truth...


Totally agree with above post. Commercials really put a damper on the Christmas spirit. I am sure it was not Best Buy's intent but the commercials do reflect how most of American society has become selfish, aggressive and mean spirited.


with all the things going wrong in the world, you focus on this commercial? something is wrong with you.

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Don't Buy Best Buy & Geek Squad's ext. warrantee

I bought a dishwasher from Best Buy and purchased their extended warrantee. 2 years later the dishwasher broke so I called to have it repaired. But while repairing the dishwasher, the Geek Squad repair person broke a water line to my sink. the cost for a plummer to come out to repair came to $200.00. I have called the supervisor, and left 3 messages. Then I called the supervisor's supervisor and left an additional two messages. Not once did I receive a return phone call from either one of them! That will be the last time I buy a warrantee from them.
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Gaurentee there work? They can't even return a phone call to discuss the issue1 What a joke!


Pretty sure you should have called the Geek Squad first before the Plumber. They gaurantee their work, not your plumber.

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Best Buy sold a gas stove at a price which quoted free delivery and installation. When gas line needed an adaptor, the installers left and said it was my responsibility, even though installation was "free". The manager denied that the contract said that - even though...
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Sounds like either there was a problem with your gas line in your home or you are using Propane instead of Natural Gas. Either way you need a licensed professional to do that work. Some Best Buy store do either have those people or contract them out. You need to make sure you know of any problems before going in. The contract you sign does outline this info on it.

As long as there are no problems with the gas line, then it is free installation.

This sounds like either you are complaining about something that is your fault or a salesperson did not give you enough information. Either way you have a copy of the contract and it is your responsibility to read it before signing.

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Best Buy Installation

Best Buy needs to go out of business already....

Update by user Jul 03, 2011

Well, thankfully and certainly due to the complaint that I filed through, Best Buy/HSBC has updated their credit profile reporting for my account and it is up to date and current as it should have been the entire time.

Original review posted by user Jun 15, 2011

Best Buy is the worst company in the world and their credit card services are bad too. My account was marked as "late" in June, due to a payment issue in April, which I correct on APRIL 29TH!!! They will not rectify the situation in any way, shape or form despite the fact that I've made payments in April, May and now June. Their reps were of no help and all I received was attitude and snarl. I will be submitting complaints via the BBB and the Ohio AG's office. In an era of an ever-tightening dollar and consumer spending at an all-time low, these people decided to give me a run-around and attitude. Never again.
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this again? really?

blaming best buy for a mistake at the bank? that doesn't make sense. hate best buy all you want, but make a valid complaint.

the store has nothing to do with billing, the bank does. so be pissed at the bank about this issue.


Well guess, what. The troll is back.

And guess what else, Best Buy/HSBC realized their mistake and, due to my complaint filed by Pissed Customer, have updated their crediting reporting through June, whereas in June they were only reporting through April, when THEIR mistake was made.

Suck on that simon/troll. The bill had always been paid on time and a MISTAKE BY HSBC (since I think you have a reading comprehension issue, being an internet person), caused this entire issue.

BTW the bill is completely paid off now. I will never set foot in that worthless franchise ever again.


Or perhaps you could just pay your bills on time and avoid situations like these.


"You can think what you want. I don't care. I don't think you're telling the whole story.

I still think if you paid your bills on time, there wouldn't be a problem."

You can think what you want, I love debating *** trolls. Yes I pay my bills on time. Best Buy (or really HSBC since they handle their Credit Cards) screwed up a payment and then reported it late on my credit due to THEIR mistake.

Now take your Best Buy shares and shove them.


You can think what you want. I don't care. I don't think you're telling the whole story.

I still think if you paid your bills on time, there wouldn't be a problem.


Simon IS a troll, but just to play his foolish game:

"Sounds like you didn't correct the issue. Like I said, pay your bills on time."

I DID pay it on time. That month's payment was paid through my bank in the first week of April. They didn't bother to post it until the 22nd. I fixed the issue on the 29th when I got the next bill but they screwed me anyway.

Now go troll someone else.


Simon is either a troll or has stock in Best Buy.


"My account was marked as "late" in June, due to a payment issue in April, which I correct on APRIL 29TH!!!"

Sounds like you didn't correct the issue. Like I said, pay your bills on time.


Hey Simon,

I DID pay the bill on time. It's NEVER been late. I thought I had made that CLEAR in the original complaint.


Pay your bills on time like you agreed to. Problem solved.


Best buy ripped off my son who is a marine they sold him a computer that was broken in the first month and said he wont have any problems he returned the broken computer again when he returned from deployment and was told there is nothing they would do for him because of time away dont do business with these criminals


Is Best Buy in trouble? FROM MSN WEB SITE !


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Best Buy Customer Service

About 3 months ago, I went shopping for a new TV. I went to a Best Buy store in Golden, CO and found the TV I wanted in a few minutes. The first salesman went to check on someone else while I was still searching. After he finished with those people, he helped two other customers who came in after me while I was waiting. Then a assistant manager approached and asked if I needed help. Grateful, I explained I wanted to buy the TV and his best response was he'd get someone to help me. He wandered off to who knows where and I never saw him again. Meanwhile, the original salesman helped two more customers who again came in after me. After waiting 45 min, flagging down a total of four different store agents, and still unable to get someone to sell me a TV, I left. To me, this was beyond bad. I've spent a lot of money at Best Buy over the years on DVDs, TV, and various other electronics. And there I was ready to drop $800 on a new TV and they just kept helping and checking out other people. As a result, I refuse to shop at Best Buy now and I have shared this story with all my friends. The amazing part was #1 they weren't surprised and had other difficulties with the chain and #2 I read it was listed as one of the top 10 most hated companies due to poor customer service. Imagine that. If anyone from Best Buy reads this, which I doubt they will since they obviously don't care about the customer, I've made several purchases since this event from your competitors and I actually feel good that your company won't see a dime of my money. I'll gladly give it to your competition and look forward to the day that you are out of business.
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Alan C

A lot of times this behavior occurs when you are buying an advertised TV and/or the other customers are buying extra unnecessary services such as protection plans.

"Not everyone can sell TV's," if it is already picked out, most of us don't need the nonsense of Monster cables and Geek Squad Black Tie Deception plans.


B.S! Seems you failed to read what he's complaining about, NO one helped him, but they helped other people that arrived after him.

I would have walked long before he did.

Even the manager blew him off!!!


You are way over-reacting. Not everyone can sell tv's, which is why the departments are seperated. But regardless, they were helping other customers, not just standing around.

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Best Buy Customer Care

The worst GM (Raymond) and worst display of CS I have witnessed | Best Buy review from Washington, District Of Columbia

Raymond (GM at this store) I hope you read this because you totally suck as a GM and as a person. I am not one to do this (actually never wrote a negative review on the internet) but this was easily the worst showing of customer service I have ever seen in my life. I consider myself a nice, calm guy, who usually goes with the flow and never lose my temper. A little background: I bought a touchpad 16gb as a birthday present for my brother online and ordered it for in store pickup at this store. One day passed and did not hear anything about the status of my order so I called since my credit card was charged the full price ($434). Apparently they liquidated the item (I paid $434) that morning and did not know what to do about my order. The lady on the phone (who was very friendly and understanding to me) said that she had one more left from a customer who did not pick up their item that morning. She said she would put that one on hold so I could make the 30 minute drive to the store. I politely thanked her and took the commute down to the TO best buy. I arrived at that best buy and was greeted by a nice kid working customer service who took sympathy to my case. He said he would get the manager and see what they could do. This is when Raymond came along, the GM of the store, walking up to me the last thing he wanted to do was talk to me. The first thing he said, without me even uttering a word is "there is nothing I can do, they are sold out". I told him of my ordeal and he simply said "that sucks" and continued to say he couldn't do anything about it. Not once did he ever say the word "i'm sorry" or even care to check their stock . I told him one of his employees said they held one for me and made me do the 1 hour commute there and back to pick it up. His only response was "there is nothing I can do, best buy is sold out of them" even though I saw 2 touchpads sitting right on the shelf behind him. I asked him, "so what are those touchpads?" and his response was "oh those are accessories" even though he was blatantly lying to me. I told him it was a little ridiculous that I placed an online order yesterday at full price and never got a pickup confirmation but they would sell the product the next day for 1/4 of the price and not even notify me. His response again was "there is nothing I can do about that and you should have asked for a manager before you came in". The whole time I asked questions, perplexed what was going on, I could not believe this man had the audacity to stand there with a rude smirk on his face and not even offer a single apology or even try to help me in the situation. Does Best Buy really want a man like this running one of their stores? It really makes the company as a whole look bad and I will never, EVER, buy anything in store again. This was the worst display of customer service I have ever encountered and I hope to warn shoppers to be aware of this when shopping at the TO best buy because if you ever run into a problem, you WILL NOT BE TAKEN CARE OF. Not to mention the fact that I called best buy corporate to complain and was put on hold for 45 minutes and then they hung up on me (I was not as mad at that since the telephone people are friendly and courteous). Raymond I hope you read this and realize you are not God and you should treat people how you would like to be treated.
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I am looking to buy two large appliances in the next week. I found some very good pricing at Best Buy online.

However, I wanted to be sure about customer service, as this will be an outlay of a large sum of money. So I checked customer complaints regarding Best Buy before actually purchasing anything. Glad I did. The person writing this obviously wrote it because they could not get any private response from this company.

He sounds very reasonable. I do understand that the item sold out, but I do not understand why he was allowed to purchase an item online--with his credit card charged--only to find that nobody there had tagged one model as 'sold'. I can only surmise that those who buy something online are taking a wild chance. It appears they can charge you and have you come to the store and only then will you find you have not purchased this item at all.

This would only scare me away from online purchases altogether, but if this response above is truly from the store manager Raymond, then I am worried about an in-store experience as well. Raymond's response, if it is real, only proves this writer's complaint. The store made a mistake. They could have apologized and credited this guy's account, and perhaps offered him something similar.

I once had a store make a similar error, and the store made things right for me by giving me a slightly better item than the one I had bought. I came away from that experience a very happy customer despite the mistake. I do not live near this particular Best Buy, but I worry about a company that promotes and stands behind a manager of this sort. It sounds as though every other employee he came in contact with was professional and courteous.

I would think the store manager was overwhelmed, busy and having a bad moment when this customer arrived, but if this above response is Raymond's then it appears he thinks nothing of customers. I've worked with the public and I know it's difficult sometimes. Still, it is the customer who keeps the business afloat. Look what happened to Circuit City.

There is no way in this economy I would be this derisive to my customers if I was in their place. Raymond may be one manager, but why on earth would corporate be so unresponsive? I'm glad this guy took his complaint to the internet, as it has helped me know exactly which company to avoid now. Lowe's prices are a little higher, but I'm thinking it might be worth the extra money.

Thanks for posting this.

You did a public service. You probably saved me all kinds of money and trouble.


HAHA. This Raymond guy sounds like a small *** diouche bag.

The world would be a lot better without his kind. Enjoy your retail manager duties.


What do you want me to do? Sell you an item we don't have?

Excuse me while I wave my magic wand and make one appear. You are a real ***

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Best Buy bait and switch

An Acer A100 tablet was offered for $189. Even though several locations claimed availability, I was told they were not available only after I entered all my credit card and personal information. In addition, I received emails confirming that the purchase was made and telling me to call Customer Service to have the unit shipped for free. After talking to Customer Service 4 times, I was still told there were no units available. and if they were, there was no shipping available for that unit. The normal price was for this unit around $350. 2 Days later, I see they are still on sale on the BB website. This time for $249. Again, when I went to the locations, and called Customer Service, they claim that no units are available. There were never an minimums mentioned on the site. I have customer service on the phone while writing this. I told them to check any store throughout the country and any warehouses. There are non available even though the website clearly says there is availability. I can understand if the website is not up to the minute accurate, but it's been four days and only the price has changed. But no "out of stock" or "not available at this time" message is posted by the item.
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Sure thing:

Bait and Switch-

An illegal tactic in which a seller advertises a product with the intention of persuading customers to purchase a more expensive product. When a seller uses this tactic, they frequently tell the customer that the original product is sold out or no longer available (even if the product is indeed still available), and push hard for the customer to purchase the costlier product. This tactic can be considered false advertising if the seller is not actually providing the original product, but if the item is available but the seller strongly encourages the customer towards another item, in general no legal action can be taken.

So, how did Best Buy persuade the OP to buy a different, more expensive item? They didn't? Sorry, simply running out of a sale item doesn't count as bait and switch.



WHy dont you explain the bait & switch instead of calling people names.... unless of course you dont actually know what it means!!!

BTW Anonymous good luck with your situation... :)


You should really learn what bait and switch is before you start accusing a store of it. It really makes you sound like a retard. Google it.


Ordered a TV this morning online. claimed the tv was available for shipping.

Checked status 3 hours later... back ordered. Canceled order.Used bb rewards points. Purchase another tv.

Come to find out that my bb reward points wouldn't be available for 3 to 5 days. BB policy is horrible.

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Best Buy Shipping Service