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An Acer A100 tablet was offered for $189. Even though several locations claimed availability, I was told they were not available only after I entered all my credit card and personal information. In addition, I received emails confirming that the purchase was made and telling me to call Customer Service to have the unit shipped for free. After talking to Customer Service 4 times, I was still told there were no units available. and if they were, there was no shipping available for that unit. The normal price was for this unit around $350. 2 Days later, I see they are still on sale on the BB website. This time for $249. Again, when I went to the locations, and called Customer Service, they claim that no units are available. There were never an minimums mentioned on the site. I have customer service on the phone while writing this. I told them to check any store throughout the country and any warehouses. There are non available even though the website clearly says there is availability. I can understand if the website is not up to the minute accurate, but it's been four days and only the price has changed. But no "out of stock" or "not available at this time" message is posted by the item.
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Sure thing:

Bait and Switch-

An illegal tactic in which a seller advertises a product with the intention of persuading customers to purchase a more expensive product. When a seller uses this tactic, they frequently tell the customer that the original product is sold out or no longer available (even if the product is indeed still available), and push hard for the customer to purchase the costlier product. This tactic can be considered false advertising if the seller is not actually providing the original product, but if the item is available but the seller strongly encourages the customer towards another item, in general no legal action can be taken.

So, how did Best Buy persuade the OP to buy a different, more expensive item? They didn't? Sorry, simply running out of a sale item doesn't count as bait and switch.



WHy dont you explain the bait & switch instead of calling people names.... unless of course you dont actually know what it means!!!

BTW Anonymous good luck with your situation... :)


You should really learn what bait and switch is before you start accusing a store of it. It really makes you sound like a retard. Google it.


Ordered a TV this morning online. claimed the tv was available for shipping.

Checked status 3 hours later... back ordered. Canceled order.Used bb rewards points. Purchase another tv.

Come to find out that my bb reward points wouldn't be available for 3 to 5 days. BB policy is horrible.

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