Best buy came through!

After posting my complaint last night about Best Buy, I called and spoke to a different manager today. I related the entire scenario of what had happened to him. He was receptive, pleasant and helpful. He arranged to have someone over within an hour to fix the problem. So today I am very pleased with Best Buy in Marina, CA, because they at least have one manager there that understands their legal responsibilities to consumers. I also want to encourage others that maybe if they get a *** one time, they should persevere until they find someone to talk to who is a bit more on the ball!
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Vero Beach, Fl. Best Buy SUCKS

Bought a flat screen TV for our conference room from the BEST BUY in Vero Beach, Florida. We are a non-profit and very careful with out expendutures. The TV screen was broken when we opened the box. BEST Buy's manager said she could not do anything and walked away after telling us to bring the TV back in as they had others in stock. After going through 4 members of their customer relations department Best Buy offered us a $99.00 gift card to purchase another flat screen. No I'm sorry just stuck with a broken TV.
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Refused to honor protection plan | Best Buy in Washington, District Of Columbia

I purchased a new cell phone and purchase plan in January 2011. My daughter dropped her phone on a road in Seattle today. Best Buy refused to replace her phone because she did not go out into traffic and pick up the phone bits. They refused to refund the money I had paid for the protection plan. The copy of the protection plan does not state you have to bring in the phone (and in this case it would have been impossible). I spoke to store manager and the customer service department. Best buy refused to refund my money or honor their agreement.
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That is a mistake on your part. Of course you have to bring the phone in.

Also, I'm not sure how you "drop" a phone on a road with traffic.


Best Buy has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with!! I bought a $600 Evo cell phone there a year ago and (STUPIDLY) agreed to their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection for $10/month, being promised that absolutely any problem you have - even if its your own fault, as long as you can bring us the phone (i.e.

not lost or stolen), we will immediately replace it. I brought it in because the phone kept randomly shutting down and repowering for no reason when the battery was fully charged. They told me if I wanted it immediately replaced (which I have been paying for this service for over a year) that all they have available is a downgrade to the Evo Shift. No, I dont want that.

Well, then it has to be "repaired." They sent my phone out for repair for 2-5 WEEKS and as part of the $10/month that is also supposed to include a loaner phone. What they don't tell you is that the loaner phone is a 1995 flip phone! So you're supposed to give up a $600 cell phone for a month (and still pay your cell carrier the full data charge etc.) and get this when it was originally sold to me to be an IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT? Not only did it take almost 2 hours of paperwork dropping the phone off and 2 hours picking it up when it had been "repaired," but my phone wasn't even fixed!!!

The same problem was still happening. I asked to speak with a store manager and all he offered to do was exactly what had originally been offered - exchange for a downgraded phone or send it in for repair for 2-5 weeks and hope they get it right this time! He said it would take FOUR QUALIFYING REPAIRS (FOUR times sending your phone in for 2-5 weeks per time with each time the phone being sent back to you, the issue not resolved before you would actually get a new phone). Do you believe this *** So, obviously, I was not satisfied with those results and continue to tell him how upset I am of this service and in the middle of speaking to me (this is a manager) he says, "Ok, this is enough at the store.

If you want to talk any further, you'll have to call our 1-800 number," and shoo'd me out of the store. Absolutely appalling. I hope he gets fired because that is the absolute worst customer service.

Also, I told the store manager (above him) about this and all she did was say sorry, but there was nothing she could do. Please don't buy anything at overpriced Best Buy and DEFINITELY do not buy their service contracts!


Common sense is often omitted from warranties as it is understood by most people that if you are returning and item for money, you need to actually have the item.

I am not sure how your daughter managed to drop her phone on the road, however, that is her mistake.

In order to return or exchange an item, you need to have the item.


So you thought you could just go right into Best Buy and get a new phone....without the old one? Am I understanding this correctly?

If you didn't have to show the old phone, what's to stop someone from just coming back the next day and getting another new phone? Best Buy's protection plans are a rip off, but this situation is just a lack of common sense on your part.

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Best Buy tried to steal from us

My wife received 2 palm pilots for Christmas a couple years ago. The lesser of of the two came with a gift receipt. My wife then tried to return it to the nearest store (60 miles away) and the clerk was very helpful until....... she said she had a problem. She called the manager over help. He explained the product was from and could not be returned to the store. My wife was disappointed she made the trip but said she would mail it back to, but the manager of the Coralville store said he could not give her the item back because it had been run through the register as a return and he would be short the $100 if he didn't have the item to show for it. She said fine she would take the $100 instead, but he said he couldn't do that either because it wasn't from a, "brick and mortar" location. After a heated discussion, my wife left with nothing and relayed the story to me at home. I called the store the next morning and spoke to the store manager (who was the same person who dealt with my wife) and explained the problem. He said there was nothing he could do. After more discussion he said he would give a $100 gift card but he would have to fire the original gal who helped my wife and I would be responsible for that. I hung up and called the corporate office and was put on a 3 way conference call with the manger and verified the story. The corporate office told me to return to the store (120 miles round trip) and pick up my refund.
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You said that it could not be returned, but you also said that it had been rung through as a return. purchases can be returned in store, it happens all the time.

Plus if the register accepted the return there would of been no problem. If it didn't the product would not be part of BB inventory so they would of given it right back to you.

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Never a Best Buy!

I dropped off a Sony DVD player on Jan. 21 2008 for repair and its still not back. Every time I call and ask to speak to a manager, its like a "Top Secret" to get a managers name let alone have one call you back. From reading all of these posts you would think there is an army of us abused customers! Why are we not picketing the stores and taking out ads stating what best buy is doing to us? I for one drive up to Minn. 4 or 5 times a year on business and plan on stopping by their corp. office and dropping off a bunch of letters to their CEO, President, and as many VP.'s as I can find!
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It is because everyone thinks the have such great prices. They dont I see the same price or less everywhere else.

And they hire idiots!!!

Support your local hifi stores. Most will match price and know how to deliver customer service.

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